OK, so it is time for a dose of truth…

You may not like it but nobody is telling you so hate me, if you will

I am going to tell you what you already know but try to pretend you don’t…


Life, right now, is cool enough…

You are earning enough to just about get by…

Maybe even more than you thought was ever going to be possible for you so it feels pretty good to have proved yourself wrong.  Wahey!

And so you feel justified in being satisfied

Except you are just getting by…

And you are scared to death of any shifts AT ALL

You watch the news with trepidation and fear

So scared that something out there in the big scary world might change and then you will be back to square one with nothing to show for anything and then your worst fears may prove true – Deep down, you still think that you are not really all that good enough and now the world will remember and take it all away again.

If the children/anyone asks you for anything, it feels like you are being squeezed dry and you find yourself yelling and getting angry for no reason whatsoever…

But hey, everything is fine and dandy, right?!

It is them, not you!

They need to learn to be satisfied or grateful or something

Definitely nothing to do with you!

You are overweight

Drinking a little too much…

Exercising a little too little

Snacking a little too much

But you pretend not to see because hey, you eat overall ok…

And what is wrong with a little alcohol to calm you down after a hard day of working to keep everyone you love fed and well?

That warm feeling is sometimes the only thing you have to look forward to after a long hard day with the kids or at work, why not indulge it?

You deserve to be happy, right?

You go on a diet and off a diet

On a diet and off a diet

You eat based on how you feel at any given moment

Food has become attached to feeling good, rather than just sustenance for your body

You notice that your body feels older…

More tired…

Aches in places you never thought would ache

Aches in places that only old people ache

Oh well, I suppose it is just normal for this to happen.

It happens to everyone, you tell yourself

May as well pop over to the doctor, get some pills, ignore the number on the scale, nothing to do with that, of course…

Just old age setting in

May as well be graceful about it…

Your spirituality could go one of 2 ways…

1.You give lip service to spirituality

It is just too hard to figure out – Is it real, it is not?  Do you even really care, after all life is good enough and only people with issues need to figure this out.

So you go through the motions and figure you have checked the box for another week – No hell for you! and no loved one haranguing you to perform for their benefit

2. Or you are sooooooo into spiritual practices and activities at your church or community 

You still feel an emptiness inside but you figure it must be that you are not doing enough and so you try to do even more stuff and your family kinda wish you would just stop! but you think they do not understand you so you keep pulling them along trying to keep them and you out of hell.

It is kept in a different box from your work life though.  One does not impact the other even though you would claim your spirituality is important to you.

Again, there is the feeling that it is weak to be overly spiritual and your life is fine, isn’t it?

Everything is good and dandy!

But deep down, you do not really see how it makes life better but you are scared of the afterlife so you go through the motions VIGOROUSLY.

You pride yourself on the many titles they give you at your local religious organisation

You are well-respected

But you are empty

You choose to pretend that it is not true.

Honey, I could go on…

But you already know if it is you…

What will have to happen before you start paying attention?

Some people start having affairs to shake things up and they end up with nothing

In and out of relationships, people’s beds, trying to find the missing piece but looking for it everywhere except within themselves…

Some start getting sick ALSO to shake things up and wonder why they did not pay enough attention when the going seemed good

Some lose jobs and have to face their deepest fears

You could simply choose to grow through joy

Because GROW you will, whether through suffering or through joy

And it is your choice

You are a ticking time bomb

Are you ready yet to stop pretending and start living?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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