At What Point Do You Give Up and Throw in the Towel? Three Ways To Remain at The Helm of Your Business

Throw in The TowelNever! I will never throw in the towel!  No retreat, no surrender! or so some of the more ardent warriors will cry.

And then there are some who are fed up of the uphill struggle who secretly cry “Yes, I am ready to stop now”.  We all know how tough it can get on this journey to living a life we want.  The truth is, too many of us throw in the towel way before we have seen what we are capable of producing.

How do we stay on task and keep going even when things seem pretty tough or when it seems like nothing will ever get better?

Here are three ways

  1. Change The Way You Think & Talk

    No matter what is going on in your life, you always get to choose your reaction to circumstances.  Too many times, we spend a lot of  time thinking & talking about how awful life is.  You end up talking to anyone who will listen about all your difficulties, how life nevers cuts you a break and how everyone else is luckier and more blessed than you are.

    Let me tell you now – No one wants to hear it. They humour you by listening for a bit but really, they are thinking about their own concerns.

    Even worse is the effect it has on you – It is pretty damaging.  You consistently affirm the fact that you can not make this business happen which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    You are more than that!  You are incredibly resourceful, capable and powerful and there is no end of information available if you will just reach out and grab it.

    Set yourself up for success by monitoring where your brain is taking you. Do yourself a favour and grab this free report –

  2. Change The People You Hang Around With

    As adults, we are so aware of the effect peer pressure has on young people, on our kids. And yet, we forget that this very same efect aplies to us.  We continually hold on to relationships that are leading us nowhere.  We continually put ourselves in positions that do not enable our growth.

    This can be out of a misplaced sense of loyalty or just a plain old fear of success.  Somewhere inside, we know that becoming successful may affect the people around us, including our families, so we hold ourselves back to appease those going nowhere fast.

    It is time to break free of that and realise that those you hang around with really do determine your future.

    Choose friends that have high expectations of themselves and who will encourage you to be your best.  Be wise about how you spend your time.

    Build a support team around you.  I, for one, can be your strategic partner, enabling you see clearly the best strategies for your success – Pop over to

  3. Get Clear

    As you build your business and life, the trials you face may make you forget what you started this whole endeavour for.  Having a clear sense of purpose is essential to keep you moving forward.

    The truth is what you want out of your life and business may be obtainable through a different direction than the one you initially chose so being focused on the end result rather than how you get there is the best determinant of whether to throw in the towel or not.

    Write out clear goals, a clear mission statement and determine your life purpose.  This will enable you make better decisions about the steps to take to move forward.

    Does that mean you can flit around, dabbling at strategy after strategy, never giving any one idea enough time to take root?

    NO, do not throw in the towel! Be committed, Be consistent and be flexible too.  A hard balance to find which is why all three suggestions combined will keep you on the right path.

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