There are two main types of people who I tend to come across and neither one of them really gets what they want…

And then there is a third type and they get everything easily – Wealth and freedom and everything nice seems to flow to this type of person without too much aggravation and everyone looks on with envy or self-pity as they struggle through the mire of their own making…

I wonder what category you fall into?  Let me start by telling you that you can change to that third type the moment you see what you are doing to yourself, OK?

This is not some “This is who you are and now, you are trapped forever” thing – OH NO!  This is more a “Let me shine a light on what you are doing so that you can change path” thing.

It does only work if you are willing though…

I hope you are!


I used to fall into this camp.

I dreamt a lot of all the things I wanted to make happen but all I did was dream and pray really, REALLY hard.  And sometimes, I would get a bit of a result but it was nothing that really lasted.  I would be first to run to the front at church to receive a blessing, I would be first to chant all the incantations and affirmations that were sure to result in me getting everything I wanted without too much effort.

I lived in a state of perpetual hope.

Deep inside, I was afraid to really put myself out into the world and so I hid in church…

Talking a good game about all the lives I would impact but being too scared to ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING about it!

I would stand up in church, raise my hands to the heavens, beg, plead, affirm, decree, speak the bible, get prophesied over, pay my tithe religiously, do IT ALL and wait for the miracle…

Needless to say, nothing much changed and then I would get angry with God (But, oh no, I was not allowed to feel that way, was I?) and then I would beat myself up because obviously I was now going to bring the wrath of God down on me.

And then I would repent and start the whole process again.

NOTHING CHANGED!  OK, maybe I exaggerate – There were little changes but not all good.

And I see this type of person all the time!

They are shouting ‘AMEN’ on sunday and nothing changes on Monday!

They are reading the latest Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson or Hay House Book – And still NOTHING CHANGES!

They are the most giving, the most generous and still, they struggle to really reach the success they dream of…

They do all the affirmations, incantations, EVERYTHING!

They are looking for the latest spiritual technique that will absolutely work this time – They are ever hopeful that they just need to say enough prayers or affirmations and then their ship will come in.

They are lovely to be around but there is an air of desperation as well as they realise that time is running out and they have not yet met their goals.


And then I moved over here because the other way was not working…

I suddenly woke up to the fact that the only thing stopping me from getting everything I wanted – Changing lives, making a fortune (Yep, my desires are simple and straightforward 🙂 )…


All the hoping pleading, praying was not going to get me the reward if I did not put my hand to the plough, right?

And so, I became a worker – I got my head down and worked my socks off but this is where the similarity between me and this type of person ended because I kept the hope as well.

There are some people whose whole life has been about the work – They have watched their parents work their socks off and now they have taken it upon themselves to shut down all hope and just do the work.

Except, there is no joy in the work.

There is pragmatism – “Well, I can’t expect much from life so I better just do this work over here that could give me money. I can’t expect to like my work, I just have to do it”

As I mentioned, they have watched their family members work hard and die in the struggle and they have decided that this will be their lot as well.

They just work and work and work and still get nowhere fast but at least, they have just enough money to get by and yep, they are people you can trust to get the job done but there is no joy, no purpose (except to get paid) in the work.

In fact, they think me stupid for considering that there can be joy in the work.  They just work – they don’t expect miracles though they might occasionally send up a prayer for help when it feels particularly demoralizing.

If they do find the courage to start their own purpose-driven business, they are looking for the formula that they can follow and this is where I definitely have fallen.  I have been that person looking for the formula that I can follow thoughtlessly to success – It does not work.

Both types of people look for the magic bullet – In this case, these types want someone to tell them exactly what to do and they want to follow the formula with no creative input from themselves and they want it to work NOW or else they blame whoever taught them the ‘formula’.

When it does not work in their own self-imposed time-limit, they return to a ‘norm’ life with an air of disappointment “I tried that once and it did not work and therefore it is all a lie”

They are the ones convinced that everyone is out to scam them…

They are the disillusioned – they just do not believe in miracles anymore.

Every good thing is a product of their own hand or it does not exist.  And so, they get exactly what they expect – NOTHING!

A whole lot of hard work and NOTHING more than the ‘norm’s experience of life. Such a pity!

I have had people like this expect me to coach them for free.

They feel entitled to a good life because they have worked hard for so long and so when I come along with all the hope I bring, they want me to rescue them with no effort from them because they are ‘entitled’ to my help, right?

They get resentful of the wealthy people they hear about and are convinced that the rich must have done something evil to get a result. After all, they have been working hard forever and getting nowhere fast.

You tell them what they could do but they are convinced that “they tried that before and it did not work and they will not be taken in again”

They blame the government, the economy, the tax man and everyone except themselves because they feel like they have paid their dues.  And it is a pity to watch.

And then there is a third type of person…


This third group run faster than the other two put together and yet, it seems a little effortless to them.

They work hard – there is no doubt about that and looking into their life, you would think they work TOO HARD.

However there is a joy in their step, there is a playfulness about them and there is just something different and guess what, these are the millionaires.

Oh yes, they can tell you stories and in fact, they are PROUD of the fact that they have DONE THE WORK!

But it feels exhilarating, not soul-destroying!

And this is the thing, as well – They know that luck or miracles did play a part in their success but not in the way that you might think.  They did their work, for sure but they also believed that God, the Universe was absolutely going to come through for them.  There was also a sense of trust, a surrender after they did the work.

As though, they had done their part, and now everything they want will come to them.

They believe in the miracle but they play full-out as well…

It is a combination of the two types I mentioned above.

And the thing is, they do not always realise that they are doing this – they just make a choice to go after what they love and they ride the wave to it.

UNlike type 1 people, they don’t just get clear by affirmations and prayers…

Unlike type 2 people, they don’t just take action…

They combine both!

I woke up this morning to the realisation that sometimes, I have veered too far to one side or the other instead of staying firmly in the middle.

It is the action AND the clarity that produce wealth.

Neither works on its own.

Type 2 people struggle because they refuse to allow themselves to enjoy the journey – They refuse to believe it is possible to love the work they do and so they try to be practical all the time and suck out the joy and the hope and the miracles from their life.

Type 1 think they can just wish for it and it will appear – Not helped by all the hulaballoo from the law of attraction folk who forget to mention just how much work goes into promoting the idea!  As well as a lot of the religious establishments who promote a little nonsense of their own too!

And both types are waiting for a miracle that will not demand anything from them.

Whereas type 3 recognize that all they need is already in them and so they tap into intuition and they put their hand to the plough, knowing that the result is coming – they do the things that others are too scared to do because they trust that all they affirm will come as they stay on path and take inspired action.

They seem to be an anomaly to people watching them because they can see them work hard and yet, they can also seem like an overnight success.

Some love them and seek to emulate them…

Others think they are not telling the whole truth…

So tell me, which type are you?

And which type would you like to be?

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business that you want.

Kind Regards,


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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