Three Tips to Overcome Procrastination

By January 20, 2014September 29th, 2014Business, Self Development

Procrastination?  What a horrid situation to find yourself in!  How can you overcome procrastination?

best day ever business Overcome ProcrastinationEach day you get to the evening having not accomplished everything you thought you had set your mind on doing.  What stopped you?  How can you combat what you do not understand?  You know you want success but you feel unable to consistently take the actions required to create your success.

Success only appears when you take action – It does not happen while you dream about it, visualise it or think about it – The action makes all the difference.  So is your ‘Want-to’ strong enough to combat the fears that seem to be holding you back from taking the appropriate actions?

So let’s talk about those three tips to overcome procrastination

  1. Stop Overthinking Everything

    There is a time for thinking and planning and there is a time to get on and take the action necessary to make your plans a reality.  Decide how much time you will spend on planning and thinking and then allocate the rest of the time to implementing.  Realise there is no end of information available on the planet these days with the advent of the internet so you can get stuck in the planning time for a very long time unless you decide ahead of time, when you will start to implement and stick to it.

  2. If it is a lack of knowledge, then Decide to Educate Yourself

    Sometimes, you can overcome procrastination by facing the fact that you feel uncertain about one aspect of the action you need to take.  Instead of allowing that inner fear to lead you by the nose, choose to invest in yourself and get an education on it.  For instance, you know you need to ask for a sale from a prospect but you are struggling with putting yourself out there or you just HATE the idea of coming across as aggressive or pushy.

    Well, you can deal with this by burying your head in the sand and doing everything but this OR you can choose to recognise that you lack some knowledge there and do something about it like join in the webinar on selling.

  3. Join a Mastermind or Get a Coach

    You may find that you are always having to overcome procrastination.  Nothing is ever done easily in your world – you know you want the success, you even know exactly what you need to do to achieve the success you require and yet, ALWAYS, something gets in the way.  You find yourself constantly facing the end of the day having NOT done any of the things you know you really could have done.  YOu have hit a plateau in your business and you can not seem to get past it.This has happened to me before; I hit a plateau with my business and then decided to invest in my own coach & join a mastermind (I don’t do things by half 🙂 ) and within 2 months, my business doubled.

    Some masterminds to consider – The League of Warriors – Benjamin Leppier is the Man.  Mention me when you speak with him.  Or a new one beginning for mothers in business is to be found at BizMums – run by a lady called Michelle Childs.

    Of course, you can get coaching from yours truly by clicking here –> Breakthrough session

Take action today to overcome procrastination – It can be the one thing in your way to getting the success you want.

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