Three Steps to take back your Personal Power

Yesterday, you read a blog post about giving up your power.  And now, it is time to take the required steps to get your personal power back, wouldn’t you agree?

Personal Power reflection

The thing about giving your personal power away, whether it is to other people or to things you think are outside of your control, you end up feeling like a victim.  You spend a great deal of time complaining or suffering in silence when you can make the necessary changes  required to take yourself out of the situation.

Who said you HAD to listen to other people telling you the best way for YOU to live your life?

Some input is nice but seriously, when it starts to go on over and over again, it is time to put your foot down.

Who said you HAD to do this particular job?

If you do not like it, then who is stopping you from changing it?  Maybe not all at once, but start to look for an alternative.  There is always an option.  Not sure what they are?  Have a chat with me and I will help you clarify the next step, don’t you worry about that?  As long as you are willing, then there is certainly another way.

Do you have to send your kids to bed at a certain time?  Do you have to send them to Nursery? Do you have to spank them? Do you have to be around them all the time? Do you have to be away from them all the time to earn a living, even if your heart yearns to be home?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t – Just make sure it is your choice, not just that of the culture around you.

OK, so here are …

The three steps to taking back your personal power.

  • Awareness

    Notice how the questions I asked you to consider above make you think through your reasons for doing things.  Too many of us just go through life without questioning ourselves, our reactions.  We just do it.
    Remember, just because something has always been done one way does not mean that you can not find a better way to do it.

    I have been accused by family members of seeking to be different from all the people around me.  I used to argue with them about this but recently, i have come to realise that I am happy being the one that questions the status quo.

    You should be too!  That is how we grow, we take full responsibility for our choices because we know we are making them.  Rather than just doing what the 95% do.
    Be one of the 5%

  • What is the truth?

    So first of all, you become very aware of the things that you are doing and then ask yourself “What is the TRUTH about this situation?’

    Now, notice I say, the TRUTH!  Not what you have always told yourself and others, but the real truth about any given situation.  Have your choices got you to this place of discomfort?  Has your need for instant gratification got you into debt? Has your need to control your kids with anger and fear got you into a position where your kids no longer want to speak with you?

    Ask the difficult question and be truthful with yourself.  Then…

  • Take action

    You now know the truth.  Decide if this can carry on in your life.
    Decide if it is now time to make a better choice and then start to do so.
    Start to get help, support to turn things around
    Start to walk away from comfortable things or people who do not advance your cause.

    Draw a line in the sand and Take an action!

OK, so those are the three steps to take.  Are you ready?

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All my very best to you 🙂

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