Three Methods to Add to Your Marketing Strategy & Ensure Prospects Know what You Do

Marketing StrategyDo you have a marketing strategy? Or do you just wing it and dabble at this or that?  Or maybe you do not see the need for a marketing strategy?

Each day, I spend time with clients coaching them on their business, their career, their life as a whole.  Together, we create clear plans enabling them to move forward confidently into their best future. Excellent!

Unfortunately, on a more regular basis, I come across business owners taking part in the same old activities that are not getting any results but they are familiar with it so they keep beating a dead horse hoping to somehow change the tide.  I think you will agree that that is not wise.

Too many people do not have a marketing strategy.  They just wing it and hope that something sticks.  There is no forward planning and so, they end up struggling to create the life they want out of their business.

To get you started thinking things through, let me give you three methods to add to or at least begin your marketing strategy.

  1. Give a Talk

    Some people would rather die than do any public speaking and yet it is one of the most effective ways to ensure your prospects know about your area of expertise.  It allows your prospects to see you as an authority on the topic and establishes you as an expert.

    Of course, none of this will happen if your talk is delivered weakly so some practice may be in order.  Consider working with a coach who can assist you put together a powerful presentation and also practice the delivery of it with you.  Prepare a signature talk that you can use in a variety of circumstances.  It also means that you are ready at the drop of a hat to perform your presentation.

    Giving talks at your local networking event gives you more time to get your point across than a 40 – 60 sec elevator pitch so dare to volunteer at the group and anywhere else that your prospects are likely to gather.  Also, remember that is your talk is memorable, it may be relayed to a prospect by someone at the meeting.

  2. Invite People Along

    Most of us get fairly scared about the prospect of calling someone up out of the blue to sell our product so instead of doing that, why not  invite people along to your local networking event instead.  At the event, you have more opportunity to build relationships with your prospect and maybe, an opening will come up to talk about your product or service.

    Lead with the networking though.

  3. Let them Experience it

    Consider how you can demonstrate the power of your product or service. For instance, in my property business, my property manager performs viewings so that prospective tenants can start to envision themselves living in one of my properties.  For my coaching business, I offer a few people the opportunity to experience a complimentary coaching session with me.

    Be creative! How can your prospects experience your service or product?

Add these three ideas to your marketing strategy and I know you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you get.

Would you like some assistance in making these ideas and more work for you? Then you will want to take advantage of a complimentary session with me to enable you move forward to the next level in your business and life.  Pop over to the Business Coaching or Life Coaching Page and claim your slot.

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