You are not shy of hard work, are you?

I mean, no one wants to kill themselves with work but we, in this community, are some of the most hardworking types out there.

We do what it takes!

And yet, though you seem to keep finding new things that need to be done that would ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY work this time, you simply cannot break through to prosperity.

Not in the flow-based, easy way that you would like.

Yes, you know that you have to work hard

and you know you have to be consistent and you have that down

But you are getting more and more jaded because everything is just so hard…

Everything feels like an uphill struggle…

Where is the joy and ease that others talk about?

It just seems like day after day, working your socks off to stay stuck or even for things to get worse…

What gives?

Life does not feel fun at all.

Can I first commend you on getting the physical work down.

Most people do not even get this far and here you are, being consistent, showing up, doing whatever you can do.

Learning, implementing, surprising yourself at just how capable you are…

How powerful you can be when you really take the limits off and stop obeying the rules of what is ‘too much’, what will burn you out etc.

However, to step things up to the next level is not going to be about doing more physical work…

And this is the point where lots of people stop reading and go look for another tips and tricks article  (as if they do not already have enough of those!)

And those people stay stuck.

I hope you are wise enough to keep reading.

There are some thought patterns that you are indulging that are keeping you from true prosperity and though you may not suffer from all of them, even one of these left unchecked will destroy your chances of flow and ease.


You may look at your life and think that that is true but it is not. God/Universe/Prosperity is no respecter of persons – There is something internal you are doing or not doing that is getting in the way and while you indulge this thought, you do not look for THAT thought.

I know it seems crazy but it is true.


This can be a particular issue for people of colour.  If you believe it, then it will always be true.  And you will even have proof of it because yes, working harder will get you some kind of a result but it is a result that you will only keep by continually paying the ‘black tax’, or whatever you wish to call it, to prosper.  Again, it becomes self-fulfilling because you are not even slightly open to finding another way.  You think it is lazy to do so.  I agree it is lazy for some people who spend all their time navel-gazing and refusing to put their hand to the plough but that is not you.

To transition into ease and flow, you are going to have to get away from this thought process DELIBERATELY and open yourself up to the possibility that there are other things at play here.


This always sounds so ‘moral-high-ground’y and the politicians even play this card all the time when they want to get voted in by the masses but the thing you do not realise when you take this stance is that you are setting yourself against the rich.  As if they are something over there, and you are something on the opposite side – POOR.

And add a little bit of victim in there.

And guess what, no matter how pure and holy and hard working victims are, THEY NEVER WIN not in a big way, not in a flow based way, not in an easy way.

You may want to reconsider your position and instead of accusing or resenting other people and what they choose to do with their wealth, DECIDE to be generously rich in your own right.  This is an internal thing, more than an external ‘Work harder’ thing


Think about it, the government is just a group of individual people – JUST. LIKE. YOU!  Why should they do more?  Yes, there are all kinds of arguments out there and maybe, you have your pet one.  But seriously, how is it helping you or even the people you want to see helped?

You do know the definition of madness, right?  Just in case, it is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Maybe, you are right.  It does not matter because while you resent the government, you make yourself helpless and you indulge victimhood.  And again, VICTIMS NEVER WIN!


I used to believe this. I have always been a proponent for quantity as you build your business.  Others are sitting around waiting to do perfect work, I just keep doing a heckuva lot more work that is good enough and in fact, I still know that this works… TO A LEVEL…

And that is where I kept getting it wrong.  I reached the ceiling of ‘quantity over perfection’ and I still kept trying to push through.  It almost broke me.  Thankfully, Papa had me in hand and kept whispering and reminding me that there was another way.  That way was what I had always known but I had dismissed because I was so used to playing the victim of life.

That way was to clean and clear my inner world – the limiting beliefs, the lack of love, the blind spots, the lack of trust/faith

Honey, like you, I used to think this was a non-essential – Just some nonsense talked about by coaches who wanted my money or even preachers who wanted me to tithe.

And yet, it was not until I started paying attention to that still, small voice and realise that changing my inner world was not optional, it was ESSENTIAL – It was only then that things started to change for me.

Are you ready for real change?

STEP 1:  Start your immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the pain and error of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design.

Prosperity is your divine right and it is by changing your mind that you will allow it to be your reality.

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Much Amazing Love

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