You are incubating pain

You are wallowing in it

You feel most safe when you are in pain

And pain is so normal to you that for the most part, you do not even realise that the way you are living is NOT normal…

But you deny it

You say that you are trying to escape your pain

For example, You say that you want to make more money or invest money or create generational wealth

But then in the next breath you complain about having no money to do any of that because you are on a fixed income or because some person needs your current money or because some new bill turned up and took your money away or because money is bad and makes people do bad things and you are not motivated by money or because you are waiting for the Divine to show you a surefire investment vehicle.

And then you feel sorry for your sad circumstances and tell yourself that you would change things if you could

But you never do

Because you like your painful money situation and you feel most safe when you are in pain, even though you are getting more and more afraid of what will happen at the end of your life when you do not have enough investments or passive income coming in…

I guess you will just pass your pain onto the next generation as you manipulate them into looking after you…

Instead of generational wealth, you will hand down generational pain


Another example – You say you want to be fulfilled and living out the calling on your life

But then in the next breath, you complain about how this and that person needs you and you just do not have time to figure out your next moves, you just don’t have time to truly understand who you are and what your calling is, you do not have 30 minutes a day to sit with the Divine and return to yourself and with all the urgent needs of other people around you, it would be too self-indulgent and selfish to make yourself too much of a priority

You also claim to be waiting for another word from the Lord to ensure that you are on the right path

but that word never seems to come and even if it does, it seems to come with another word to wait and heal some part of you before you can finally move forward

And so, another year passes

And then another one

And you are loudly telling anyone who will listen how you are trusting the Lord to guide you forward while also subtly spewing your resentment and anger on your loved ones as you try to manipulate and control them into doing your bidding by giving, giving, GIVING of your time to them instead of to yourself and then you get angry with them when they do not return the favour in the way that you want them too…

You feel sooo hurt, victimised and betrayed by these people and you think you are justified in feeling that way because of your ‘noble’ attempts to ‘help’ them…

But actually, all you have ever been doing is incubating your pain

The pain of unfulfilment has become a close friend of yours and you do not know who you would be without it and so, you incubate your pain while pretending to want to be free of it and punishing everyone around you for being alive…

You probably even harbour suicidal thoughts – partly to punish all the people around you for treating you so badly and partly because you really are in a lot of pain and it would feel easier to be dead, you think…

And yet, all of this is happening because YOU LIKE PAIN, my love.

And for good reason.

For as long as you can remember, you have been in some form of pain…

It has become so normal to you to be in some difficulty and you really do not know what it would be like to be free of pain

And so, though you SAY you want to be free, you are scared of freedom

Though you SAY you want fulfilment, you are scared of what it may demand of you

though you SAY you want financial abundance, you don’t think it is possible for you

Though you say you want LOVE, you do not even know what that is.

You are not sure that you will like a peaceful, prosperous, purpose-driven life

A part of you worries that you will have nothing to do and that you will be bored…

You do not feel worthy of a great life and you are fighting yourself with everything you have got

And you just do not like yourself enough to allow yourself to be free

And so you hold on desperately to your familiar pain so that you do not have to handle these truths…

And even the Divine cannot get to your pain to support you in healing because you would rather have pain than love or peace

Pain is predictable

Peace seems scary – You would have to listen to yourself and all the crazy thoughts that cloud your mind!!!!!

Love has never been sure

Those who were supposed to love you, let you down and you are still reacting to those primary caregivers

But I wonder how long you want to continue giving them all the power in your life?

How much more painful does life need to get before you let go and allow yourself to soar into a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life?

Income growth is simple

Business growth is simple

Finding & being in loving relationships is simple

Living a fulfilled life that makes a difference is simple to create

All you need to do is let go of what you don’t want and take steps in the direction of what you do want

But you keep doing the opposite – you let go of what you do want and keep taking steps in the direction of what you DON’T want – and then you wonder why life does not change much, except to get worse…

You are being crazy and yet, you expect sanity and success to come out of craziness


There is so much more life for you to live, if you would just stop loving your pain SO MUCH!

That vision inside of you is yours to create

AS I like to say – Your vision is your permission

But you have to choose it over your pain

Yes, it will feel scary and alien

It will feel like you are dropping off the deep end

And it will feel terrifying to trust that you will be caught

But again, I ask you – How much pain is enough?

How long will you continue to wallow in pain?

Will you allow yourself to die, having never truly lived?

Or will you dare to let go, to trust the little whisper inside of you that urges you to come onto the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE, PURPOSE & PROSPERITY?

You cannot do this alone…

You are so immersed in your crazy worldview, you do not even know where to start…

START HERE: Get the 6 figure book collection and READ IT –

Everything inside of you will tell you not to do it…

And if you do manage to get past that and buy the collection, then everything inside of you will try to stop you reading them – you will ‘forget’, you will not have time, you will fall asleep etc etc etc

But you have to take this first step…

YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE OUT OF YOUR PAIN or else, it will bury you.

Are you ready to start the journey to thriving and prospering, even though it seems impossible for you at this point?

Even though you want to poopoo the idea that you love pain?

Even though you want to ‘go it alone’, if you get as far as admitting your love for pain?

If you listen to that crazy part of you, you will still be in pain this time next year.


Will you listen to the still small voice of your deepest heart?

Will you respond to the resonance within your heart?

If you will, get the books, read them, read the emails I send, keep coming deeper into the DM world

Allow immersion in new ideas to show you the false ideas you have built your painful life upon

And when you see them, you can start to let them go

Are you ready? Go now to

Let’s go.

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