You are messenger

You are bringer of the new

You are a beacon of love and light in the world

You are here to wake people up to their true potential

You are wayshower

You know all this but you have allowed the world to confuse you with all its shiny objects and its many, many choices that seem like they could lead to freedom but all they do is take you off path and keep you in the underground, the wilderness, the zone where nothing happens.

You have allowed yourself to become one of the many – forever searching for your path out there when the path is found within you.

Yes, what you see within you can look so different from what you see others doing and that can make you doubt yourself and the intuitive nudges you receive from the Divine.

But doubt leads to the wilderness.

COME BACK HOME to yourself, my love.

Come back home to the purity of your true purpose path


To get your message out, you do need business strategy but this does not need to be a complicated thing

  1. What problem do you solve and at what price point?
  2. Start building an audience that are likely to be interested in what you have using your words, your message
  3. Invite them deeper into your world – I suggest that you get them on your mailing list by using a lead magnet
  4. Invite them to work with you
  5. Do this consistently

I teach all this in the 6 week 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR as I do not want this to take ages for you.  The world needs you out in the world, do you not see? and a part of you is also pretty desperate to be living fully in your purpose and true design

And once this is set up, focus until you hit your initial 6 figures and that can happen rather quickly if you do not get taken in by the many, many distractions the world has to offer you – Come work with me, I will help you see when your inner or outer noise, nonsense and drama are taking you off path.

And keep reinvesting money back into your business until you reach that initial 6 figures and then go broader with your message, offer more and more ways for your people to be served.  That big dream you have of impacting lots of people can more easily be built when you have good money coming in all the time.

So, FOCUS! so that you get to live the life you truly desire.

The things that take you off-path are subtle.  They seem so urgent, so necessary, so ESSENTIAL that you fix right now.

They never are.

A part of you wants to remain confused which is why you do not actively work with a mentor and even when you do, you find yourself questioning whether they understand you or not.  You refuse to see through the noise to the underlying truth that you do not trust yourself to do all that you are called to do, you do not feel worthy of rich reward and recognition for your work and you are uncertain that you are allowed to be THE MESSENGER you feel called to be.

And so it is easier to remain confused.

It is easier to blame others for your stuckness.

It is time to work with me so I can tell you the truth and then you need to be willing to hear it and admit it to yourself too so you can break free and do what you need to do to be all you are meant to be.

CONFUSION is a choice

CERTAINTY is also a choice.

What do you choose?

If you are truly determined to make 6 figures in your business by this time next year, start by downloading a free copy of my book – The 6 FIGURE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR book at

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