Thinking is overrated.

It will get you through school.

It will give you all the wonderful certificates that show that you ‘might’ be a good worker.

It will get you the good job, organising and supporting the vision of someone else who just feels their way forward.

It will get you a life that looks good but feels empty.

Your conversations are surface-based because you THINK it is logical and reasonable to stay away from anything too emotional.

Relationships therefore remain on the surface and you wonder why you just cannot seem to go deeper with your loved ones, including your intimate partner.

Something always feels off, no matter how many books you read or things you learn about. You try to think your way through or read another book to find the answer.

And STILL, the emptiness, the feeling of lostness.

And when it comes to your own vision, if you depend only on thinking, then you will struggle to see that vision come to life.

Your thinking will always be limited to linear 2D lines.

Your vision is 5D, honey.

Your thinking is limited to what you have experienced, read about or done but you are trying to create a vision that goes WAY BEYOND THAT.

You are trying to create a vision that you have NOT personally experienced and no one has written a book about it yet because you are the one to do it first.

Your thinking cannot get you there, my love.

You have been duped by your expensive education, my love.

And you keep buying into it and even fighting for it when someone like me, tries to get you to go beyond just thinking into feeling, listening to intuition, listening to your inner knowing, connecting to the Divine so you can access limitless wisdom.

You think all those things are wishy-washy and impractical in the ‘real’ world.

And so you keep on struggling or you learn to settle for a heckuva lot less than you desire.

Are you done with that yet, my love?

Are you willing to consider that there may be other ways to get what you desire?

Are you willing to go beyond just thinking?

If yes, you are invited into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Come immerse yourself for 30 days.

Come leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past.

Come get back in touch with your TRUE DESIGN self.

Come take back dominion over your money, your relationships and your mind.

Come learn to listen to your heart

Come learn to start feeling your way forward

It is a different way of doing life

It is only for cutting-edge leaders who are willing to go beyond their limited thinking.

Come, if you are willing by popping over to
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Much Amazing Love

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