When things are good, why do I still feel as though something bad is about to happen?


“What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true”

When trouble strikes, where does your mind go first? Do you want to blame and blame someone, something out there – Something other than you?

Do you think of the unfairness of the life and how you always have to suffer more than others in order to get what you want? Does it just feel like there is almost no point in trying to work it out anymore?

The guy who said the above quote…

He had everything.

He had all the children he wanted, all the wealth in the world and everything seemed to be going his way and yet…

He kept looking for what could go wrong.

As stated in the bible, he offered a daily offering for each of his kids jut incase they had done something wrong and then God would take away all of his wealth.

He was well prepared for something bad to happen.

I get this because this is the way I sometimes live. Waiting for something negative to happen even when everything is going well. It is almost as though, I have an underlying thought that things cannot go this well all the time. At some point, something bad must happen. I am looking around the corner waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Deep inside, there can be a sense that nothing good lasts forever because of all the trouble I have seen to date.

Does that resonate with you at all?

Do you deep down inside, think there is no way for things to work out the way you want them because really you are doomed to fail? And so though everything on the outside looks perfect, you cannot relax on the inside because you actually do not think you deserve it and you are waiting, almost willing it all to disappear so then you feel right again…

You feel right about the fact that you are supposed to suffer.

As human beings, we all have a thermostat that determines how much happiness we will allow and we will ALWAYS do whatever it takes to get us back to our internal setting.

It is like the woman on a diet but her inner thermostat is set to 70kg and so she may lose a few kilos of weight but once she stops paying attention, her body just brings her back to 70kg each and every time.


Because we are creators of our life experience.

If you are convinced deep inside at the level beneath the conscious that you do not deserve wealth in your business, then even though you get wealth, it will not last very long.

Because you create your life experience.

The problem, of course, is that no one wants to see the power they have. To see the power is to take full ownership of everything that has happened to you and that feels too big.

Most would rather blame the circumstances and the people around them while saying things like – “well, I suppose it was too good to be true”

And if you think that, then you will never keep the wealth, you will never keep the health, you will never have a lasting great relationship, you will make your spirituality a struggle only all the time!

Even when your wealth, health, relationships and spirituality are looking good on the outside and you feel you have arrived, there will be a part of you searching and waiting for calamity to strike. You will not be at peace because it all feels too perfect and like Job of old, you will try to appease whatever god you believe in, so you do not lose it all.

 How does that show up?


  1. You will try to please everyone in the world in order to feel you deserve to keep good things happening to you.


  1. You will literally keep praying and praying, hoping to make God happy so you keep everything.


  1. You will demonstrate false humility and keep telling anyone who will listen that you did not do it in your strength. You keep trying to downplay yourself because then you do not have to be responsible.


  1. There is no continuing peace in your life because something feels out of sync, even though everything looks good from the outside looking in.


  1. You are snappy, irritable, far too demanding of others because you just cannot relax.


  1. You do not trust anyone – There is a sense that they want to take it away from you.


  1. You feel you must compete.


It is time for a deep reset.

There is no point having wealth with no peace.

What can you do to make sure your underlying thinking is aligned with your obvious goals?


  1. Get aware of what you are really thinking beneath the hood.

    Too many people live at a surface level unwilling to see that they are creating their own life experience. You have to take the time to uncover some of these deep thoughts that hold you back.

    Awareness is certainly the first step.

    How? Take up journaling and write out or type out what you are thinking. Take the time to analyse it, instead of just living in autopilot.

  2. Face your negativity & unhelpful thoughts and work on changing them

    Wherever you spot unhelpful thinking, it is time to go into battle with it so that you change that thought at the very heart of it so it stops showing up in your life.

    This can be as simple as seeing it for what it is and immediately being free from it because now you see it. That works for some people – Awareness for them fixes the issue.

    For others, more determined mental training is required. Any thought inside of you has developed from an interpretation of events in a certain way repeatedly. So, changing your inner thoughts is a process of forgiveness of anyone, or anything you have made a judgement about and repeatedly, choosing to think differently about an event or person. Learning to let go of any unhelpful perception and choosing to train yourself to see it differently. Consistently!

    How? Make a list of events, people who seem to confirm your inner view point of always having to be in difficulty. And look at what you made each of these events or people mean to you and then work on changing that meaning.

    This is deep work and certainly tough to do alone but not impossible.

  3. The final step is to keep moving forward.

    Most of the time, people get trapped trying to do the above two steps and waiting for their thinking to be perfect before they tackle living life.   Understand that life itself is a great teacher – You always create it to be so – and so life will help you spot exactly what you need to spot if you choose now to live in awareness and face any negativity or unhelpful thinking.

    As you go about your daily business and you keep taking the steps that you are aware of, to create a life and a business that you love, you will more easily spot any thinking that does not suit who you want to be.

    And then you can do the work detailed in the first two steps above.


This simple, yet not always so easy 3-step process will enable you claim and keep overall success in all areas.

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