Little by little, ‘they’ nibbled at you, taking parts of you away.

Little by little, ‘they’ convinced you to fit in a box.

Little by little, ‘they’ persuaded you that your childlike enthusiasm was inappropriate

Until there was nothing left of the most powerful part of you.

Nothing but push and hard and struggle.

Nothing but the part of you that was of most use to ‘them’

The part of you that continually denied yourself your own needs & desires in favour of serving ‘their’ needs and desires.

Nothing but a shell of the powerful person you truly are created to be

But it was not just you that this was done to.

It was done to ‘them’ too

‘They’ did not know any better

Neither did you.

Except now, you read this and you recognise the deep sadness within you

It has been a while since the truest part of you has been allowed out to engage with life.

It is all about responsibilities and sacrifice and working hard and being an adult.

And yet, you must remember that it is the childlike that inherit the kingdom

It is the inner child part of you, the Divine feminine part of you, that is connected deeply to the Divine

All the things you deeply desire – Closeness to the Divine and the birthing of your grand vision of life – are created when you reawaken the part of you that ‘they’ told you to shut down.

It is time to set yourself free.


Come, I have created a place for us – THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES – Come and be immersed in a more evolved way of doing life.  Come and reawaken to the power that lies within you to create, to manifest, to LOVE life, to prosper.

Come and silence the voice of self-doubt that keeps you playing so small in life

Come and reawaken the confident, powerful, creative part of you

Come and discover how to go deep into the Divine while prospering greatly in life.

Come, my love.

It is time to pivot away from your current trajectory to an ever-decreasing, stagnant life.

You are meant for so much more than that.


Come now into THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRES – Come and regain the confidence to prosper in all areas of life as you immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting.

Get all the details at

Much Amazing Love


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