Hey!  You!  Yes, I am talking to you! You, the leader, the parent, the child, the cousin, the friend, I am calling you out.  YOU have spent too long now, navel gazing and wondering why you just cannot fit in to the people in your world.  Why can you not just be like them?

Why can you not just settle for what they settle for?

Why do you always seem to be the odd one out and you have tried, oh yes, you have tried so hard to be like everyone else and it just does not work.  They even think you are being horrid when you try to do what you think they want you to do.  It never quite works.  All your good intentions are still not quite right.

So, are you finally at the place where you are ready to say “ENOUGH!  I am not playing this game any longer!”

For the longest time, I felt out of place in my own family and among friends. I was and still can be, the black sheep.  The one that always does the thing that I am not supposed to do.  The one who finally decided to not worry so much about it all because I like peace and so, I am staying away from anyone who does not increase my peace whether you are family, friend or not.

I just am not female enough – I cannot abide anyone telling me what to do. Houesekeeping/cleaning or whatever thing females are supposed to do, just does not suit me and I am not all about talking only about my kids or how broke I am, or gossiping about other people who seem to have all that I want.  Oh no!  I am all about action, clarity, wealth and movement FORWARD!  I am so bored with the sad sorry tales of how life is hard but then, you do not want to do anything about it.  I feel you but I am not going to stay there with you (at least, not for very long!)

I just am not African enough – I did not and still do not get all the weird traditions that I am supposed to just obey without question.  I do question and NO, I will not just follow along just because you said so.  I am sorry but I AM NOT SORRY!  I am done with trying to pretend I care about all of that.  I never got it right anyway!  I always managed to offend SOMEONE even though I was trying my hardest to conform.  I am not made for conformity.

I just am not spiritual enough – I do not think anyone has the right to make a judgement about anyone else regardless of their lifestyle – I think God is LOVE, not some of the time but ALL OF THE TIME! so sorry if that does not fit your theology but it is the one I am going with.  And let’s not start to think about my attitude to money, I have lots and I intend to have a whole lot more because, why on earth would I not tap into the abundance that is all around me.  If you choose not to, because of some misplaced ideas about what you are allowed or not allowed to do, then that is your choice.  I choose to be wealthy and I choose to support others in being as wealthy as possible and I will not feel bad about it.  We, my dear, are going to change the world with all our money while you keep staying down in poverty!

There are so many places where I just do not fit in.  And I am sooooo done with trying.

For the longest time, I thought I had to and I gave it a good try and still, it was not enough for some people.

I finally, FINALLY had to give myself permission to just be me.

And to learn to love the person that I am.  I finally allowed myself to begin removing all the ‘shoulds’ and just start to do the things that I want to do.

Are you ready to do that yet?

Or are you still hoping that THAT person in your life will accept you, if you keep playing the games?

Honey, you are leader!

You were not created to conform and when you do conform, you do not create wealth.  You feel poor inside and out.

You create strife, dissatisfaction, unfulfilment when you try to be anyone other than who you are.

Just give it up already!

Give it up and come join me over here in freedom.  You will be surprised at how much cooler you feel over here.  And suddenly, you have so much more energy to give to building a business that you actually adore, to building a life that makes you happy.

And you will feel in flow.

Yes, it will seem tough as you start to question everything you thought was true about the world and then you start to see that it never was true, ‘they’ just told you it was.  That passivity and lethargy that has been with you for the longest time, will begin to lift off you and you will see that everything you have made happen to date, has just been the tip of the iceberg.  You are and have always been capable of so much more but you have stifled yourself to fit in.

Now, you can take the brakes off!

You can be the person you were created to be!

You can create all the wealth you want to create!

You can be YOU!

Powerful, creative, focused YOU!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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