Listen, your dreams are precious and there are many who would have you believe that you and your visions are just too much.

Don’t believe them.

Your dreams, your visions are yours to create.

They are sacred.

Honour them.

Do not allow others to belittle them.

You need no one’s approval to live out your dreams.

Your vision is your permission.

For too long, I sat on my awesome butt, trying to be accepted by those who did not understand the powerful vision I had within me. I thought they were right and I was just too much, too greedy, too selfish. I tamed myself to suit everyone else. Even though I rebelled on the outside, on the inside, I desperately wanted their approval.

It was such a waste of time.

I finally realised that it was MY LIFE, MY TIME, MY DREAMS!

And if anything was ever going to happen then it was the Divine and I that were going to create it.

I took the limits off and went all in.

I more than replaced my pharmacist income.

I get to do the things that I had dreamt about doing.

Things that many told me, would never work in real life.

Things like marry my husband of 18 years. ( story for another day)

Things like be younger and fitter now than I have ever been.

And it is such a privilege to help so many others get everything they want, despite what people had to say.

The truth is that you and the Divine are LITERALLY UNSTOPPABLE!

So, stop listening to those who have chosen to be stopped and who now try to stop you. Some may mean well, but they are NOT YOU!

Again, your vision is your permission – Go for it with everything inside of you!

And allow yourself to prosper as you get back on your true design path.


Come retrain your mind for success and prosperity.

Come and dissolve the bonds that hold you in the past.

Immerse your mind for 30 days.

Much Amazing Love

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