Maybe I am a little frustrated at the moment. I wonder if I should even put this out but hey ho, here is some blunt honesty for you.

I hope you are one of those who get it.

Everyone wants to prosper.

Everyone wants to feel bliss.

I find the bliss in my CULTIVATED connection with the Divine.

I find safety and certainty and prosperity in my VERY DELIBERATELY CULTIVATED & PRACTISED connection with the Divine.

And also in my FREAKING WORK.

I can’t call it ‘hard’ work because it is work I enjoy doing.

But it gets VERY tense at times.

I get VERY scared at times.


I have to go out on a limb quite a lot of times.

I wonder if I will fall into an abyss and never see the light of day sometimes.

But still I CHOOSE TO trust and keep going.

This is a faith walk, after all.

But peeps want it handed to them on a platter.

No stretching.

No expansion.

They want assurances.

They want to keep their old life while trying to stuff their new life in, as well.

And they think they have no choice.

Or they blame someone else for not delivering the good life to them on a platter.


And then they wonder why they still experiencing lack.

Then they wonder why they still stuck in energy-draining relationships.

Then they wonder why they feel trapped in a life they no longer like (if they ever liked it).

They try to be satisfied.

They quote lyrical about how being content is a virtue.

And how money does not make you happy and all such spiritual sounding nonsense.

But you can see the despair or desperation in their eyes.

You can see them doing ANYTHING for money and conditional love while they judge those who are in the fray

AWAKEN, my love.


SURELY, you are not one of them.

Yes, you are loved.

UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED, no matter what you choose to do about your life.

But you can’t even feel the love because the life you are desperately holding onto, is blocking you from the love, bliss, abundance you crave.

But ain’t no one gonna force you.

I can only invite you.

The Divine can only invite you.


To keep this half-life.

Or to DECIDE to create a different, more prosperous experience.

No assurances apart from the feeling in your heart that THERE MUST BE MORE TO ME THAN THIS.

Yes, it will cost something.

Something more than just money.

It will cost the old life – EVERYTHING!

The comfortable and yet so PAINFUL, dissatisfying old life which you hold onto so desperately.

It will cost you your reputation with other people who sit on their behinds judging you from their own painful, dissatisfying lives.

It might cost you relationships as your loved ones try to keep you safe which really means, they want their own life to stay the same and you are upsetting the balance.

they don’t know that this is why they are complaining and supposedly loving back to safety.

They really do think it is for your benefit.

But you will see what is making them uncomfortable, you will see that their love was quite conditional and it will HURT YOU.

And you will want to go back to your old life, where you could pretend to NOT SEE.

Where you could pretend to feel cared for, even if it was just when you were conforming and keeping everyone happy.

SEEING can be painful.

But once you see, you cannot unsee.

So, I understand why you hesitate and second-guess and wait for more signs.

I understand why pray and fast some more so you feel like you are doing something, even though you are NOT!

I understand.

But it will not get you the life you desire.

YOu are going to have to get off the fence and get in the fray.


EVEN THOUGH your subconscious mind is SCREECHING that you can’t afford the time, money or energy.

Screeching that it is not gonna work for you.

Screeching that it will just be another scam.

KNOW THIS, The Divine will not save you – YOU ARE TOO POWERFUL FOR THAT.

You have to CHOOSE.

There is always a reason not to choose.

There is always a reason to delay.

Lots of people do that.

But like I said, they just don’t get it.


Or you still want more and more assurances?

WEll, I don’t have none.

I prosper because I took the leap into the dark abyss.

I took the leap by faith.

I took the leap when invited, even though I could not see the A to Z.

And I built my prosperous, free life piece by piece, step by step, trusting the Divine’s nudges, sometimes petrified as I invested in this and that thing to the tune of over $100K.

DETERMINED to make it work.

But I always knew it was on me.

No one else.

I could quit anytime.

I would still be loved.

I counted the cost and knew I would just never stop until I got ‘there’ or died on the journey.


You are invited to the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY, if you get it and you know you want more.


Leave behind the pain of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design.

Pop over to

Much Amazing Love

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