You keep thinking that nothing in your life can change until ‘they’ change.

Not true.

You keep thinking that ‘they’ are the cause of your unhappiness.

Not true.

You keep hoping that they will see the light finally and apologize so that you can be at peace.

Not necessary.

You are the authority in your life

Your happiness is completely up to you

Your peace is completely up to you

Your joy is completely up to you.


It has nothing to do with them or whatever they are doing.

Now, I know that most people will simply ignore what I am saying here and keep looking for ways to manipulate ‘them’ in order to get them to conform to what you want.

You may not even know that manipulation is what you are doing as

🔴 You try to do more for them, fix yourself some more and love them even more in the hopes that they will respond in kind…or

🔴 You have ANOTHER conversation with them to help them see your point of view… or

🔴 You leave them in the hope that they will see the error of their ways and beg you to come back… or

🔴 You give them the silent treatment in the hopes that they will desperately want your attention and therefore do what you want them to do… or

🔴 You cry and try to make them feel sorry for you so that THEN they will do what you want

Or whatever it is you do to MAKE THEM change. IT WILL NOT WORK!

Again, you are the authority in your life and if you truly want to enjoy your life in peace, plenty and happiness, I suggest you start figuring out how to increase love, peace, joy, support, respect, understanding, compassion, generosity within yourself and stop looking for someone else to satisfy you.

The Divine & You Are Enough

You are complete in connection to the Divine.  You just choose to share that wholeness with another.

Which I Know you have heard before but you do not know how to make it work for you.

I did not either for a long time.

But believe it or not, it all starts within you.

Your relationships will change when you correct your mindset, when you correct your energy.  They will have no choice but it all starts with you.  NOT OUT THERE WITH THEM.

You can try to manipulate them forever and you will just keep coming against the same issues with them or with other people (as you are already discovering) until you adjust the part inside of you that is attracting the same relationship dramas.


You are the one calling in everything that happens to you.

This is not a reason to beat yourself up but a reason to celebrate because you can now get very deliberate about your life, rather than leaving it to chance and hope that things will work out for you.

I can help with that.

If you desire to attract a love relationship or you desire to have your current life partnership be more fulfilling and loving, then YOUR IDEAL LIFE PARTNER is exactly what you are looking for.

YOu deserve to be loved completely – It is part of true prosperity – and you can deliberately create the relationships you desire.

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This is not for you, if you still think that you need to play some game to get them to like and love you

This is not for you if you are just looking to be told which relationship app is working these days and how to game the system.

This is for you if you are done with all of that and you are ready to work with your mindset and energy to call in the love of your life.

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Much Amazing Love

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