They Do Not Get YouNo one will ever completely get you! You know that, right? They will want to understand why you do things the way you do and yes, they may even want to love you through it all but …


They do not understand why you want to live a huge, expansive life when it seems so tough at the start. They do not understand why you cannot be satisfied with things just the way they are. They do not understand why you keep pushing for & talking about change when everyone around you has just settled into life as it presents itself.

Why can you not be reasonable?

Why can you not just settle down and do what everyone else does?

Why do you want to have it all?


They tell you that you do too much. They want you to stop and ‘spend time’ with them. It feels like they want you to be less than the person you know you could be with the right support.

And if you are really unlucky, they want you to look AFTER them. They expect you to drop everything and cater to their every whim. They try to manipulate you with guilt and tell you how things should be done in your particular culture, your family, in order for you to belong.

A part of you knows it is all fallacy but you feel trapped, guilty, selfish for wanting what you want and so you give in, time and time again, to their manipulation.

You even convince yourself that this is the right thing to do. You tell yourself that you are wrong!

You buy into their story and you try to make it your truth even though a part of you knows that something is just not right.

You sell your freedom for their ‘love’ and approval.

All the time, sensing that you have a greater purpose than this.

Sensing that you have a greater calling on your life than just making the small-minded people around you happy.

You confuse ‘love’ with dependence and so you give up the person you are and tell yourself that this is how you must be.

You feel depressed inside, you wake up unhappy, you keep trying to put a brave face on it whilst all the time, you are dying a little death each day as you pretend that this ‘life’ is enough.

This becomes your new norm – a disquieting sense that you are not living the way you were created to live.

But hey! ‘They’ love you, right?!

What if you were right? You remember a little while ago when you were young and everything was possible – the dreams you had then – What if you were right?

What if you do have within you the power to change the world?

What if you could see your deeply held desires fulfilled?

What if your need to be sensible, to be secure, to be approved of, is keeping you back from doing all the stuff that you dream about? Keeping you from all the stuff that could really impact the world around you?

You are part of a bigger picture, my friend.

That continuing sense of disquiet inside, is an indication of something – Do not ignore it.

Time keeps ticking along…

And time is the only thing you cannot replace.

Choose today to do whatever you want to do. Whether that be to…

Start that business.

Grow your current business into something great.

Discover what makes you happy & Do more of it!

Write those songs.

Author that book.

Make more money than King Solomon.

Give away all you own to the poor, if you think that is what you are called to.

Change that job to something you absolutely adore.

Create the job you absolutely adore.

Find that loving relationship you want.

Love the partner you are with even more.

Spend more time with your kids.

Spend less time with your kids, if you are just acting out of guilt!

Go on a retreat and more clearly define your path

Whatever! You are fully responsible for how your life pans out.

Dare to question your long held beliefs about what is acceptable and what is not!

How much of what you believe is just conditioning? Really think about it and take a look around you, outside the bubble you live in and see if there really is another way to think that may empower you, rather than hinder you.

Free yourself from the opinions of others, loved ones or not!

Yes, all your questioning of beliefs may make people in your life question your sanity but hey, this is about you, not them!

Discover who you are first. Then you can figure out where ‘they’ all fit into your life (IF they fit)

Those who love you will love you anyway!

Step Boldly Forward where you have never been before

And as you step onto the path that you were created to be on, you will find others walking the same road as you so you will never be alone.

Much Amazing Love

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