they are not your peopleHey, yes you! I am talking to you!

Are you surrounded by people you actually like? In life and in business?

Or are you surrounded by people who kinda suck the life out of you? And potentially keep looking for some kind of a business destroying discount!

You go be with them, you try to serve them and then all you feel is drained and fed up by the end of the visit, by the end of the work day, by the end of the school pick up.

You always leave a little worse off than before you met them.

And yet, you feel you have to keep hanging out with them.

Maybe you convince yourself it is for your kids or it is because they are your family or it is because customer is king or something or… (insert your excuse of choice)

Whichever way, these people who drain you are part of your world and you have even stopped noticing that they drain you.

Yep, it is time to wake up and pay attention!

The problem is not them, the problem is actually you!

Why do I say that?

I say it because you are passively allowing this to be your reality, you are again pretending to be a victim of circumstance and as you are the one reading this right now, you are the only one I can influence at the moment.

And the truth is, there is nothing wrong with them at all. They are probably wonderful people… FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO BE HANGING AROUND.

They are just NOT YOUR PEOPLE.

Each one of us has a design, a shape that fits in with certain other people. And when we try to fit into people who do not fit us, then it gets ugly. So…

It is time to deliberately design your surroundings.

You will always be an average of your 5 closest friends (and honey, they do not have to be people you like, they are just people you hang out with whether you think you have to or not).

So, if you look at who you are spending most of your time with and you do not like who they are, then realize that you are becoming a mirror of them.

Whether you think about it or not…

Whether you believe me or not…

It is the truth so it is time to take responsibility for creating friendships that you feel aligned with. How do you do that?

For one, stop hiding who you are!

Start speaking your mind on issues so that you actually start to attract people who think like you, who get where you are coming from, who are the same path as you.

If you keep trying hard to sound like the people around you currently, you will keep attracting the same kind of people you do not want!
And also, if you keep toeing the party line of the people currently around you, the ones who could potentially be more suited to where you want to go will pass you by thinking you are just the same as all the other peeps in your world.

So get deliberate about showing up AS YOU!!!!

Not as whoever you have thought you had to be.

Next, think about where your people might hang out…

And again, regardless of how you feel about it, go hang out there too.

And show up as YOU!

It is a little like changing school – You can become whoever you want to be in the new school because no one has any expectations of you. You can break free of your old box by deliberately changing where you would normally hang out

And for the new people you start to meet, they do not know any different. They get to decide if they like you from a clean, fresh slate.

And you do not care who chooses to like you or who does not because you are on a mission to only surround yourself with people who you can be YOURSELF with, right?

So, allow the right people to come find you.

And finally, is it working? Are you finding more of the people you want to hang out with?

Yes? Keep doing it.

No? Change WHERE you are showing up – Go someplace different.

There you go a simple three step process that anyone can undertake if they are so willing and little by little, you can start to create a life & business you like, rather than one you put up with.

  1. Be You
  2. Hang out where you think your people are
  3. Is it working? Change number 2 if it isn’t

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