There’s A Price To Pay For Wealth, Freedom, Happiness. Will You Pay?

There is a price to payTwo days ago, I looked at my journal from 2013 and I saw that some of my goals from that year had been the same as my current goals.

“To create lots of content and to produce lots of information products that helped people who could not work with me on a one-to-one basis, making wealth creation accessible to anyone who was willing to invest in themselves and implement.”

There was also the desire to be known by people as someone who had something of value to say and one way to build up your business and reputation is to create a lot of content that is of value to people and helps them get results.

Anyway, this was horrifying to me because I have come some way from August 2013 when I wrote these words but all I could think of was the fact that after writing that down, I did not actually do anything for a long time.

I dithered and doubted and ultimately got very little done by way of content in 2013 and did not really start ramping it up until the middle of 2014. And I find myself wondering why I did this to myself.

Why did I not just get on and do the work?

I mean, I knew exactly how the formula worked as I had built up my property business and it always came down to money or time and sometimes even both.

As I did not have a lot of money when I got started in my property business and the money I did have, I used to invest in myself because I am my greatest asset, I Knew I had to get my bum on the ground and hustle.

There was no room for compromise. I was deadly determined to get my property business off the ground so I did the work. I used my time to get the results I wanted because I knew I had no money. And so, my time converted into money and then I used both time and money and the power of my mastermind group to really ramp things up until I could leave pharmacy.

Sometimes, it did not work the way I planned it. If I was working with people who had money and no time, they sometimes pulled out and left me holding the bag but because I was constantly in action, enough of the right things happened and finally, I was financially free.

So when I started to build up my business coaching business, I knew the score. I knew that ‘She who creates most, wins’ and yet, I did not do it.


I don’t know… You tell me…

Why do you not do the work?

Why do you spend all your time dithering and waiting and faffing around focusing on the wrong stuff?

What is it that you think you will find?

Do you think that if you delay long enough then somehow, it will fall in place without your efforts?

Or maybe you think you have neither time nor money and so you are stuck forever?

Sorry, honey but if you keep thinking like that then that will be your reality. There is always a way. ALWAYS!

It may be an extremely hard way but there is a way and I suppose I have to ask you if you are willing to pay the price.

Because freedom, wealth, riches, love, happiness… It all comes with a price.

And the question you must ask yourself always “Am I willing to pay the price?”

Yes, I know all those wonderful sappy quotes talk about the best things in life being free and yes, they are free from a monetary perspective, but if they really were that free, why does everyone not have them?

Think about it…

If it was so free to be happy, why do you not feel happy all the time?

It is because there is a price.

It may not be in money but it is in the letting go of something you are choosing instead. And even though that something else is not making you happy, you are comfortable with it and so you keep holding on to it and you keep barring yourself from what you claim to want.

And bring it back to the building of your dream life and business, you have to invest your time or your money and at some points, both in it in order to make it happen.

Currently, your time and your money is being used for something else.

Something else you are valuing more than your fulfillment – And honey, you can say what you like about it… That is the truth,

That something else may even sound like a ‘must’

I ‘MUST’ spend every moment with my kids in a way that they have chosen, in order for them to feel valued.

I ‘MUST’ spend the time with my partner in a way that he/she chooses in order for him/her to feel like I love them.

I ‘MUST’ give the best of my time to my boss or else I will get fired.

I ‘MUST’ pay the mortgage first or else I will get kicked out.

I ‘MUST’ have this much sleep or else I cannot function.

I ‘MUST’ learn this other thing before I can do the work.


And so on and so on it goes…

And you possibly read through this list and think ‘Rosemary, what are you suggesting? Is this not how everyone lives? Is this not how I HAVE TO live in order to make sure all the areas of my life carry on?’

I don’t know…

Is it?

Well, actually, I do know… for me.

I had to take responsibility for my actions, for my happiness and I had to pay the price and incidentally, my relationships are better, my finances are better, my overall life is BETTER! So, I wonder if the popular way of looking at things is really the only way…

Again, I don’t wonder, I KNOW it is not…

Are YOU really willing to bet that the way most people live is the best way for you to live if you have big ideas and big goals, and have a mission and a calling to fulfill in your very limited time on the planet?

Well, it is your choice, of course.

This is what I know…

Everything comes at a price and every moment, you are paying it and the result is your current experience of life so I ask you, are you paying the right price?

And it does no good to claim to want it all if you are not willing to pay the price of questioning every single belief you hold that holds you back.

Because it is a belief issue – It is almost always a belief issue that stops you from doing the work you need to do to get the life you want.

For me, in 2013, I had not yet dealt with a few of my underlying paradigms about what great relationships really truly look like…

I had not yet realized completely that it was okay to value myself…

I had not yet realized fully that I could create wealth any way I liked…

I thought I had to do it in a way that I did not like and so my time was spent pursuing things I did not actually want…

It took working with my million dollar coach to wake me up to the fact that I was paying the wrong price and the ‘freedom’ that would give me, I did not actually want and so I was never going to allow it to work.

And that is what is probably happening to you!

You are paying the price of time in the weirdest ways and now, you do not want the result.

You may even know this deep inside so you keep sabotaging yourself.

And getting more and more frustrated because you do work hard, VERY HARD and yet you never seem to get the results you want.

Such a pity!

I actually started this post going a different way but hey, this is where we are…

What is the price you are willing to pay for your freedom?

There is a price and whatever you say to yourself, right now, if the results you are getting are not to your liking then you are paying the wrong price.

Your life is not just happening to you.

If there is anything that you do not like, question why you are not willing to pay the price to get what you do want?

It might be pretty enlightening.

Think about it!

Fight for, create the life, the business you want!

Stop fighting to keep one you don’t want… It is silly!

Are you ready and willing to make stuff happen?

To create wealth your way, to stop conforming, capitulating and being less than who you are?

Are you ready to stop settling for the comfortably dissatisfied, and start instead to aim for the deliriously happy, wealthy and free lifestyle that you dream of?

OK, then work closely with me in the 4 week ‘Make Stuff Happen Now’ Program ( and then, if it is right for you, in ‘The Wealthy Set’ – Small intimate mastermind groups that support you in making an impact and getting rich now (



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