I know, I know, I KNOW and I have tried and tried and tried so I get why you may think that the answer to everything is to ‘think’ about it.

I get why you may think that if you just think long and hard enough then everything will become clear…

Except it has not, has it?

And it never will, honey.

YOU can keep trying, if you like.

But surely you can see that if the answer to a prosperous life could be found in thinking, thinking, thinking about it, then you would already be there.

I mean, thinking has some uses…

It can tell you what you prefer to have in your life

BUt if you have never experienced what you prefer then all the thinking in the world will not get you the thing you desire

It just won’t.

I am reminded of the Garden of Eden…

Adam and Eve given the choice between the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of eternal life

And guess what they choose?!


And guess what happens.

they get to struggle their way through life… thinking!

When they could have been feeling their way through ETERNAL LIFE with nothing but awesomeness and joy…

We, humans, are being given that choice every single day…

And for the most part, we are trained to choose more thinking

More knowledge

More information

And where does it get us?

Read any newspaper.

That’s where.

We are divine beings…

Created in the image and likeness of the Divine

And yet, we live from our human body shell, pretending that that is all we are…

Scared to death that something can come get us unless we are the most knowledgeable…

Scared to death that someone will take our sweeties unless we can outsmart them

And some are so scared to death that they hide away from the world, convinced that the world is out to get them…

And all the while, the call goes out to return to who you really are…

You can hear it – That is why you are here reading this…

There is a resonance in these words

Not because they make total brain-thinking sense

But because somewhere within you, is the knowledge, the deep internal knowledge that there is more to you than what is presenting and that you cannot get to that ‘more’ by thinking about it.

You can only get there by letting go of what seems real and tapping back into what feels real and what feels good.

It takes courage to do that.

For most people, most of their life does not feel good.

They feel trapped.

But it is what they know.

The idea of breaking completely free, seems too big a decision…

And so they passively remain in a life that does not feel great

I still see where I do that in my life…

Holding onto things that are not working because I am scared of the alternative, scared of what people will think, scared of whether I am just dreaming that life can feel THAT good. or maybe, I am greedy for wanting to feel good all the time.

I think these things…

And then I realise that I get to keep life as it is or I can deliberately design a life I adore…

And then I tend to burn things to the ground and start again… AGAIN!

Each time, a little more in tune with who I really am and what I really am here to do and be.

I invite you to this path…

I know it is scary.

I know it is unlike what anyone around you is doing…

But you know that what you are living right now, is not satisfying AT. ALL!

So, surely, it is time to get on a different path

Your choice, of course.

Let me share something with you…

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Much Amazing Love

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