BEcause you believe in the flawed concept of ONE right way of doing things and you also believe that you have not discovered that ONE right way, you hold yourself apart from all that you desire.

You are waiting to GET that ONE right way.

You are waiting to have proved yourself along this ONE right way.

You keep trying to learn more and more about the ONE right way when you could simply discover YOUR way.

Each day, you get intuitive nudges guiding you towards the thing you claim to desire but because it looks different from the ONE right way that you have decided to align with, you ignore them.

And then you wonder why life feels so dreary.

HOwever, you have also probably convinced yourself that life is suffering and struggle and so, you think that the sadness you feel is to be expected in this lifetime and you just keep putting up with it.


You are here to enjoy life.

It is not supposed to always feel like a struggle.

It is actually supposed to feel good.

Be willing to let go of old ideas of how things ‘should’ be and open up to how things could be, if you would let go of the pain of the past.

There is no ONE right answer.

There is no ONE right way.

There is your way and it will keep expanding, if you will let it.

Stop stifling yourself out of fear of getting things wrong.

No one is out there judging you.

No one is checking to see how ‘right’ you are, except fellow human beings like you who are also caught up in trying to get it ‘right’.

You DO KNOW what is right for you.

Connect to God and listen without all the manmade, fear-based conditions you have been controlled with.


You sense the trueness of this, and yet, are you truly ready to hear?

If you are, then an immersion in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will support you in leaving behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

It will support you in rising victorious in your own TRUE DESIGN.

Life is abundant and it is available to you, if you are willing to allow.


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Much Amazing love

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