There is no limit up on you!


Take it all off.  Start to see, to speak of your abilities, not your limitations.


Listen into wisdom.  It always speaks and it always speaks TO YOU!  Are you listening?  Do you only hear what you think is possible?  Do you only hear what you think you can do?  And so you remain constricted, limited, fearful.  It is time to raise your self-belief so that you can hear wisdom more fully.


Half a message is great but imagine a full message.


You want a lot of wealth?  The only question is  “Will you also do what it takes?


Be proud of the steps you do take.  Be proud of yoru abilities and recognize that it is the tip of the iceberg – So much more hides beneath the surface.  Listen in, work fast, act fast.  Stop the doubt.  Be multi-capable.  Step into the flow of those who accept possibility, opportunity, power.  The path may not be easy but it is simple.  See an idea, Act on it.  Enough second guessing.  Do not delay. Take action.


Your mind has many ideas.  All you lack is execution.


It is not vanity to know what you can do and do it.


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Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

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