THERE IS NO DENYING THE CALL to growth, to becoming more, to being all you came here to be

You can try to fight yourself

Or you can surrender to it


You are here to go beyond the mundane

You are here to influence many

You are here to be a beacon of love and light

Your energy is needed in the world


You convince yourself that the whisper you hear inside of you, is your pride


You try to convince yourself that you are not ready


You try to tell yourself to be reasonable and logical and sensible


This call goes beyond the ways of men…

It is different

It is unique

It feels way out there

And yet, it is your calling.

Will you simply say YES?

I understand that you do not completely know how to do all this

I understand that it feels too big for little old you

I understand that a part of you wants to run for the hills and deny this calling

You tell yourself you are too old

You have made too many mistakes

You tell yourself you do not have what it takes to do that big thing

You tell yourself all kinds of stories

And who are you fighting really?!

YOURSELF, my love…

The Divine and the angels look on …

Wondering when you will realise that you simply fight your own joy

You fight and resist your own true desires


To live a ‘less than’ life that does not even feel good

Really, is that what you truly want?

AWAKEN, my love…

Your life is more than what you see

And you sense it

you feel it

You know it

Why do you fight yourself

Why not surrender to the call and go all in?

Why not learn to trust that you will be taken care of?

Why not realise that it will always feel like a struggle while you deny YOUR TRUE DESIGN?

The world awaits your awakening

You are part of its evolution


I know it sounds wooly and woo woo and uncertain and yet, there are solid things you can do to fully own your true design and to figure out how to monetise it so that you are not living out your calling and destitute at the same time…

That is not the intention.

Though it may seem like it, when you compare it to the way you have done life to date.


And all at the same time, too.

It is not an either-or

It is a CHOICE

A DECISION on your  part to not settle for less

And I can show you how, if you are willing

Right now, WORK LESS, MAKE MORE is here for you

My low-cost, HIGH-VALUE 4 week business growth bootcamp for the spirit-driven.

It is for those who feel a deep sense of calling

A deep knowing that they are born for something more

And a willingness to no longer sit on the sidelines of their own life

It will demand that you face into the fear of being all you are called to be…

And that you begin – One simple little step at a time to rise up and be the way-shower, change-agent, history-maker you are called and WANT to be…

You will conquer hidden fears…

You will see how to boost your income each and every month

You will be supported in group for 4 months (free entry to the circle for this time to continue the immersion process)

You will WIN!

Are you in?

Much Amazing Love


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