I did the ‘sight walk’ thing…

You know what I mean – the way of living life that is completely based on what you can see…

It is the normal way, I guess

It seems sensible and rational

And even those who would be at church on Sunday shouting about how much faith they have, will wake up on Monday and forget everything about faith and just be reacting, reacting, reacting to their physical reality…

And then they wonder why they have hit a ceiling

Why it feels like no matter how hard they work or pray, nothing seems to change

I did all of that

I even prided myself on my practicality

I finally began to realise that if I am to live out the true calling on my life then it was gonna take much more than just my physical form to bring it to life…

I had a choice to make

Would I decide that my limited physical reality was all there was?

Or would I own my divinity and trust that there is a power, an infinite intelligence within me that goes way beyond the physical? 

Would I remain on the broad path of just sight walking?

Or would I get on the narrow path of faith walking?

I chose and continue to choose the faith walk…

I had already reached the extent of the sight walk path and it was uninspiring

I knew there had to be more


Life expanded

As a family, we are pretty prosperous and I am creating even more prosperity every day

I get to do the work I love to do, teaching others how to open up to increased prosperity in all areas of their life as they tap into their own spiritual power and take appropriate inspired action.

I wake up excited, enthusiastic, happy

Life feels good and I am just getting started

No, it has not always been easy

But it is simple

You decide what you want

You ask for guidance and support

You listen for response

Trust what you hear

And you act on it, no matter how scary it seems

You do not wait to know all the steps…

You act on the step in front of you

And then the next one

And then the next one

You stay connected to Source through it all

You stay clean and clear so that nothing inside your subconscious mind is blocking your good

And you keep moving forward



Definitely not always easy because it can be scary

And yet, do you want genuine, all-round, prosperity?

I did

I got on the narrow path

Will you?

I invite you to read/listen to my Amazon Bestselling book – the Deliberate Millionaire’s FREEDOM book: Live Free, Wealthy and on purpose at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/freedombook.  It is for spirit-driven souls determined to experience a life of peace and plenty.

Free yourself from the mental and physical shackles that keep you bound up to a life that is far less than what you desire.

Much Amazing Love

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