There Is Always A Reason Not To Succeed, The Question Is ‘Do You Want To, REALLY?’

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There Is Always A Reason Not To Succeed, The Question Is ‘Do You Want To, REALLY?’

Yes, I know, I know, I KNOW!

The children are ill…

The parents needs you…

The dog needs you…

Your partner does not understand you…

The house is untidy…

The childminder quit…

You have to be responsible and do the job you are being paid for…

Yes, I get it.   There is always something not completely perfect in your life that gets in the way of you focusing on building your business.

But, tell me, will these reasons feel good this time next year when nothing has changed?

Will these excuses keep you warm at night when you realize you are ONE YEAR OLDER and still bored with life and struggling to get your business off the ground?

Will they?

Because unless something changes, this will be your story and I wonder if it is good enough for you.

I know you are capable of more than this and it annoys me to listen to you whining and moaning about all the things you think are wrong with your life right now. Why will you not just take your capable-ness and use it to build your business?

Why do you keep thinking that life is going to slow down soon so you can focus?

Why do you think anything is going to change unless YOU CHANGE IT!

I mean, really?

Why are you deceiving yourself into thinking you have no choice? You have all the choice in the world. You are just not using your choice!

And I don’t understand why?

Why are you not choosing clearly to get what you want out of YOUR ONE life and your business?

You are the only one that can make a change.

You are the only one who can choose to succeed despite your circumstances. I can’t make that choice for you.

Yesterday, I stated out loud to a friend what I thought about people who told me they wanted something to change but the moment you told them what to do to make that change, there was a reason they could not do it or they just smiled at you and said they had already tried that and it did not work for them!

Usually, they had tried it once and thought that it was a magical button that would transform their life in one second flat instead of recognizing that they had to be consistent with it, not just do things when it felt good! Aaaaargh, I still get irritated when I think of THOSE PEOPLE!

And for a moment, I felt bad about being this judgmental about people because that is not who I want to be but it does frustrate me soooooo much when you tell me your sad story and then you refuse to walk away from it.

Life is life – It feels overwhelming at times.

You don’t have all the answers at times or should I say, EVER!

You have lots of distractions, ALL THE TIME!

Do you think distractions are unique to you?

Do you think that the highly successful people you quietly envy, had perfect lives?

No, they did not. They possibly still do not. They just made a choice that despite the fact that they felt all the same things you currently feel that they would take the bull by the horns and they would succeed!

So, sorry, I am not sorry when I get irritated with you for being wimpy!

It gets you nowhere if I pretend to you that you are trying your best when frankly, you are not! You are literally being a wimp!

Do you want to succeed or don’t you?

It is that simple! And all the excuses in the world will not cover up the fact that you are making a choice about your life and business that is not getting you anywhere.

When will you wake up?

Because time is tick, tick, tocking away and you are still nowhere near where you want to be. Oh… don’t get me wrong, you are doing okay on the surface but this is not the life you want, is it?

How can I say this to you clearly?

Life can be busy, frantic, annoying, overwhelming, irritating. And it can be particularly this way when you are not where you want to be. But you do not change it by thinking you cannot change it.

You change it by refocusing your very capable energy on what you want and taking action in the midst of current chaos to create the life you really do want. If you wait for perfection, you will never change anything.

NEVER! Do you hear me?

If you want a thriving business doing the things you want to do, you are going to have to create it out of the chaos in your life now.

It will never slow down, until you choose to slow it down and focus on different priorities.

You will never feel certain that you know everything you need to know to build your business until you take action despite the uncertainty.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Stop thinking that it has to feel good at the start in order for it to be right. That is not true. You have lived this way too long to shift focus without it feeling wrong for a season.

You have a brain and a heart. Take some time to get clear on what you really want (Not too long, mind you!), and just start now. Do not let your current circumstances decide whether you will move or not. Let your brain and heart tell you what you want and then you act.

Your current circumstances are a prediction of your future circumstances unless you do something different. But the moment you make a change, your current circumstances start to change as well.

Please, please, PLEASE understand that nothing changes until you change the story you believe about yourself and your life. Please, please PLEASE choose to move right now.

Please, please, PLEASE let us see your greatness.

Stop being a wimp and allowing the chaos of now define your future.

Create your future right now by the new actions you choose to take.

Yes You Can!

And before you go, are you determined to make at least 6 figures by this time next year?

Then get a copy of my book – The 6 Figure Spiritual Business Book


Much Amazing Love


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