Wealth creation is the right of every living human being.  Abundance is what you are born into.  It is your birthright.  It is your natural way of living.

However, the longer you spend on the planet, the more you forget.

When you are young, you think you can conquer everything but you are surrounded by adults who try to protect you from everything.  You hear ‘NO’ so many times and you start to believe that some things are actually impossible.

You get smaller and smaller inside as you are told over and over that you cannot have everything whenever you want it.

You start to forget who you really are – Divine, powerful, able, wise

And you start to look to others for wisdom…

Because for as long as you remember, you have not been able to make decisions completely autonomously and so you have forgotten.  It was a great idea of your parents to keep you safe but now, that same safety has become a trap for you – a cage which you struggle to free yourself from.

You are now convinced that all wisdom exists outside of yourself and so you do not trust you anymore.

You keep looking for the secrets that will get you everything you want.

Because you do want such a lot and no matter how much you try to damp it out, there is a part of you that knows you were born to live in abundance and you were born wanting for nothing.

But the main problem for you at the moment is that you have forgotten that you are enough.

You keep looking for approval from people who are also looking for approval.  You each keep waiting for the other to give you permission to be all you are.

And you keep asking for wisdom, for more knowledge, for more understanding from external sources when inside of you is everything that you need.

But, as I said, you do not trust yourself.

You trust others to reveal the secret to you.

And they try but it does not transform you.

The information alone does not get you the results that you want.

You know it doesn’t but yet, you keep thinking that if you can get just one more piece, one more secret then you will know all you need to know and then you will be able to get the results that you want.

You do this for so long…

You keep looking for the secret externally to you…

You keep distrusting and distracting yourself…

Until finally, you give up.

You settle for not being wealthy, not being abundant, not being rich because you think that you do not have the knowledge you need to make it so.

As your coach, can I encourage you to wake up and listen to the wisdom that is already within you. (and know that this is what the best coaches do, they do not keep getting you to look externally, they get you to look inside of you for your own truth)

Yes, you can learn the tips, tricks, strategies of marketing, sales, great relationships and more from external sources but converting that knowledge into action that feels right to you is an internal job.

You know what to do.

You are not doing it because you keep looking for a secret.

You are the secret.

You are so hidden from yourself that you have become a secret to yourself.

Wake up and remember who you are.

The determined, powerful person that you are.  You have incredible wisdom within you that can cause others to wake up to their potential but you must wake up to yours first.

You can only switch on the light in another as you switch on the light in yourself.

Yes, I understand that others already look to you and think you know what you are doing but you know…

You know the hidden parts of you that still feel like a child yourself, making it up as you go along and you feel the pressure of other people’s expectations of you and so you keep up appearances of knowing when inside you still look for the secret to true inner and outer wealth.

The secret is you.

Remember who you are.

Spend time in silence rediscovering yourself because you have abundance, wealth, and a great amount of love within you.

Wake up.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you truly want.

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