Peter said “Now I know for certain that God doesn’t show favoritism with people but treats everyone on the same basis…”

From The Bible

Success is not personal

Money is not personal

It is not something that only a certain kind of person can experience.

It is not kept from others because of skin colour, country of origin, how healed or unhealed they are, how good or bad they are.

All of that is just a nonsensical story you are telling yourself.

There are no favourites though you may desperately want to believe that there are because that helps you stay stuck in a life you do not want but think you have no choice about.  And yet, you are the only one with CHOICE about how you live your life!

The Divine is not withholding anything.

The world may convince you that it is withholding but actually, you would find that if you went FULL PELT after all that you desired and refused to EVER QUIT, then the world would succumb and give you everything you have the courage to create.

The problem is you are not going FULL PELT after your TRUE DESIGN success.

You are, however, daily convincing yourself that you cannot have what you want and so you keep settling for what you do not want and telling yourself sad stories.


It is YOUR choices that are destroying your ability to thrive and prosper in your true design

I KNOW it seems so obvious that everyone cannot have what they want because most of the people you know do NOT have what they want, despite working very hard. YOU do not have what you want, despite all your struggle, sacrifice and suffering and so when you hear people like me saying you can create whatever you have the courage to go for, you tell yourself that it is easy for them to say, they do not understand your situation.

However, that is just another one of your sad stories that allows you to stay stuck in the life you claim not to want.

You are simply putting all your energy into creating and maintaining the wrong life and so, you keep KEEPING the wrong life for you while moaning that you are trapped.


Success is not personal

Money is not personal

The Divine has no favourites that get everything while others are forced to suffer their way through life.


The choice is and has always been yours.

Will you do what it takes to create the life you want?

Or will you whine, moan and complain about how unfair life is while doing nothing to create what you want?

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Much Amazing Love

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