Ok, so we ALL know that we get in our own way…

That is a given, unfortunately

But I want to go even deeper than that today…

As you know by now, I was a pharmacist

And after dabbling for years and hitting rock-bottom, I became a property investor/landlord

I replaced my income doing that but I still felt Yuk and hit income limits

So transitioned to Business Coach

Again, replaced income but STILL not quite right and hit income limits

And so, after various permutations, here we are – PROSPERITY MINISTER – A name I created because nothing else seemed to fit

It feels Amazing

And No limits

And why?

I surrendered to the ACTUAL CALLING on my life

And I continue to surrender daily because I still sometimes want to hide

Surely, the thing I am called to, is impractical



Surely, you cannot make money and talk about God

Surely, you cannot talk about SEX and God and purpose

Surely, you cannot SING while teaching about purpose-driven business growth

Surely, none of the various things I feel called to do, go together…

These were all thoughts that went through my mind and in the beginning, I chose to do what OTHERS told me would make me money, hence the pharmacist, property person, business coach…

And no, it was not easy to make these transitions

There have been times of me literally breaking my business


Times of really doing the battle on the inside to shift beliefs that really did not allow me to prosper

And I continue to do this – For instance, I have temporarily shut down the OPULENCE CIRCLE because it no longer feels aligned with my calling in its current form

And all to figure out what really feels right.

And I see you…

You have big ideas of things you feel called to do

But yep, it feels illogical, unreasonable and silly to think that you can look after yourself while doing all that

And so, you stay put doing something the OTHERS told you would make you money

And it does make you money but there is a limit

And there is an emptiness

And  yearning to do your TRUE DESIGN work



If you will do the inner and the outer work following the calling on your life, YOU WILL PROSPER LIMITLESSLY

You were not given desires and visions for you to HAVE TO live them out in poverty (you get to choose your ceiling –  you can choose lack if you think it makes you holy but it would be your choice.  Personally, not a choice I would make!)

No, I do not promise that the transition will feel easy

The emotional tension is high

People in your life may even think you a bit loopy for doing this

And you will think that of yourself too!

But I can walk with you and help you see what you cannot see when you are shrouded in worry, doubt and fear…

No, I do not say drop everything you are doing and jump straight into your TRUE DESIGN life, unless you are called to take that dive off the cliff

But I do call you to start the transition

Start believing it is possible to create true lasting prosperity whilst doing ONLY what you love

Allow yourself to get super clear on what it is you are ACTUALLY called and desiring to do

Do not filter it

Do not water it down

JUST DECIDE that you will do it

You do not need to know all the ‘how’s


And then take the actions in front of you consistently, relentlessly, persistently until the dream you see inside of you, is manifested outside of you.

And it will.

It really will.

Take the limits off.

You are DIVINITY, don’t you know?

What you DECREE, will come to pass, if you will stay the course…

And that, my dear, is your only limit


Come work with me in DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE DIAMOND – the 8 week Business Accelerator Program

This journey is not easy to take alone

And I have found that when you do, you buy into nonsense because you cannot see the forest for the trees with all the worry, doubt, fear and abject terror at times!

It is not impossible, just more painful and long than it need be

So, bearing that in mind, I invite you to Deliberate Millionaire Diamond

It is for spirit-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who desire to live to their true design now

You will master the art of deliberately designing a free, fulfilled and financially abundant life

Simple strategies

Deep inner clearing

Focused practical action

A blanket of support

Find out more now at http://RosemaryNonnyknight.com/deliberatemillionaire

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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