This feels odd for me to write.  I see myself as practical, solid with my feet firmly on the ground but really, in my heart of heart and possibly to you, who reads my stuff, I am a fairy…

Which is also the first time I have ever described myself that way.

I suppose I may as well admit it.

I have always walked around with my head in the clouds

Always longed to understand the unseen things

Always known that my real self was more than this physical body

Always known that my life works better when I am living out of my connection to the Divine

Or maybe, I should say, I FEEL better when I am living out of my connection, rather than just conforming to the norms of the world

And I have also always known that there needs to be partnership between my more airy-fairy ways and my more ‘DO THE WORK’ ways too.

And so, I do not just pray and affirm and sing songs (though I love to do that stuff) while waiting around to be saved by the Divine


Actually truly believing that I am the force that connects the unseen with the seen

Rather than just talking about faith and trust


Anyway, that is not what I want to say, I just went off on a tangent…

I grew up thinking I had to be my more practical self…

I thought I had to just do work that paid even if it did not challenge or excite me in any way…

And lots of people live that way

And even fight for that way of life even though they hate having to wake up and go do that job

They fight to keep their mundane, ‘any monkey can do it’ jobs…

Scared that without it, they would be incomplete and broke

Some are even broke while doing it but they still keep fighting for it because it is the only way they know

And all the while, there is a deeper longing within their heart to live from a more heart-centred place…

But they think it cannot pay them and so well, they get to create their beliefs.

Looking at the trends though, it feels to me that whether peeps like it or not, at some point technology or cheaper labour will take over these mundane roles…

Leaving people free to rise and live to their true design

OR fall, holding on desperately to a system that no longer exists

Which category of peeps will you fit into?

You are powerful divine being having a human experience

And the divine part of you seeks expression

You have stifled it for so long because you thought there was no way to create a living doing what you would most like to do

But look around you…

Things have changed from whenever you last really looked

And they continue to change

People are creating income from ANYTHING these days

Literally ANYTHING!!!!!!

All you need is courage and willingness to believe in yourself and follow those intuitive nudges and make the awesome thing happen

And yet, most sit on the sidelines

Deeply longing for change

But too scared to go get it

Don’t be ‘MOST’

The world is going this way, anyway


And it is those who chose to live to their true design that will lead the world

Will you continue to be left behind because you are afraid?

Even though you hear the whisper of the Divine within you, calling you to be more

Calling you back to your true self

Calling you to see that you are not actually happy living in this ‘less-than’ way

What will it take for you to shift?

More pain

More struggle

More uncertainty and fear

You could just start now to pivot to a more heart-based life partnered with the willingness to do the work, you know?

It could be a joyful transition, you know?!

What will it be for you?

Admit it, you are not all that happy right now

You have what the world calls,  success

But your heart feels empty


Come do life with me and let me support you in gently moving towards a more heart-centred existence

Remember I do firmly believe in living prosperously so I am not calling you to give up creature comforts, I want you to have more!

And I want you to do it by following your true design

By stripping off the layers that events, circumstances placed on you

And instead, get back to your heart, that divine place within you and live out of that

Creating relationships, health, wealth, purposeful work from that place.

It is what you long for, anyway.

Will you dare to steadily change your life?

Come see what it is all about and lock in a discount at the moment.

Much Amazing Love

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