My experience of making a transition out of an unfulfilling job as a pharmacist and more than replacing my income with a highly profitable online business is that THE WIN IS SURE (though a lot of the time while on the journey, you really do not feel it.)

Regardless of how you feel or how long it takes, the win is inevitable.

All you need to do is keep showing up.

Communicate with your people.

Capture them onto your mailing list.

Make them an offer.


Lean into the Divine.

Follow through on intuitive nudges.

Whatever healing/belief clearing you need, will happen on the journey.

Whatever skills you need to pick up, you will be guided to.

Whatever, whatever you need, will be provided.

Stay on course, TRUST and do the work.

Emotions tend to go crazy on this journey and they make it harder than it needs to be because we can be pretty responsive to the inner pressure we feel when we are doing something unusual.

However, that is also the call to go deeper within and find a place of peace so that you are listening and acting on guidance, rather than just reacting to emotion.

And if you try to explain this to anyone who thinks life is a reaction, rather than a creation, they too will think you are kinda loopy and you might be tempted to think you are loopy too.


Success starts within — As you see the vision within and act to bring it to life.

You cannot depend on the external world to guide you.

You tried that already and you got so far but NOWHERE near where you truly want to be.

If you want to go further, honey, go within and break free from reacting, reacting, reacting.

Stay the course.

One thing that helped me stay on course was what I immersed my mind in and that is why I created the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Your mind has been programmed with mass mind thinking and it is limiting.
You NEED to reprogram your mind for increased prosperity.

You need to think the thoughts of a champion, not of an average person.

You need to learn how to go within and pull out the best of the best from yourself

And the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY has been designed to enable you do just that.
ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN while going about your daily business.
Anyone can do that.
Immerse yourself in these trainings to reveal the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE within you.
It is time.

Much Amazing Love

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