When I go shopping with the princesses, I steer them away from white anything…

White tops

White dresses

White trousers

White shoes.

White skirts.

All to be avoided like the plague, was my motto.

As the princesses get older however, I get less and less of a say on what they want to adorn their bodies with. I resign myself to this lesser role in their life.

The thing about white shoes though is that they look so glorious on the shelf in the shop but when they are brought home and used, they get mucky and yucky and they stop looking perfect.

And the princesses usually protect their white shoes by not wearing them at all, except VERY OCCASIONALLY and by the time, they come to wear the precious white shoes, they have usually grown out of them as they are in the ‘growing very quickly’ phase of life, at the moment.

All great reasons not to buy white shoes.

Anyway, this morning, I got to thinking with the Divine about white shoes.

And everything I said above.

And I realised that in the process of protecting those lovely shoes, they do not get to fulfil their purpose; They don’t get worn.

Same with you.

If you go through life trying to protect yourself from everything, you never fulfil your purpose.

You get to go to the grave knowing that you never really lived and why?

Because you were protecting your heart, instead of living from your heart.

I know I said this already yesterday but hey ho, it is what came up today, as well.

Are you not fed up of living such a small, protected existence?

Cyn you not hear the cry within your heart?

The deep desire to LIVE, to really truly live.

I know you have been hurt

I know you have experienced lots of pain

I know you are scared to trust anything, anyone or even yourself anymore.

And yet, you are here on planet earth to enjoy being here on planet earth, not to be forever protected from planet earth, awaiting some future time when you will finally be able to enjoy life.

Oh honey, NOW is your time!

Your high tower keeps you trapped in a teeny, tiny, little stifling box and I know you want to break free.

SO AWAKEN, my love.

Come on out and play.

I invite you strongly to join me in 77 DAYS TO REGAIN UNSHAKEABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE

The bootcamp for driven and determined spiritual people who know they are meant for more but feel stifled by self-doubt and low-self-esteem, low-self-worth and low-self-trust.

This is self mastery and deliberate life design mastery all put together to support you in living life to its fullness.

It is a MUST for everyone in this community.

Go now to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/unshakeable/, get all the details and join in.

It is time to flick the switch to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life.

You do deserve it so PLEASE give it to yourself.

Much Amazing Love

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