The Wealthy Set

Make An Impact, Get Rich, Start Now

You have always been different, haven’t you?

And you have tried ever so hard to fit in, to be like all the others, to be satisfied, content with what ‘they’ said you SHOULD want.

But something inside of you has not managed it.

And it is not for lack of trying…

You have been called rebellious…

You even consider yourself rebellious, odd and a little bit crazy…

The people in your world have said you want too much and you have fought yourself and tried hard to get your act together and you have tried hard to settle down because you thought you HAD to – After all, that is what adults do, isn’t it?

It has been an ongoing internal battle and the whole time, you have been fighting for a life you do not even want.

Isn’t it time to fight for a life you actually do want – One With MONEY & FREEDOM that YOU Have created YOUR WAY?

You want FREEDOM…

Freedom to do your own thing – whether it is to build your own business your way, to write your own books, to release your own music, to create your own products and sell them, to even sell someone else’s products that you believe in, to have your own platform where you can share your own message…

And yet, you feel held back by relationships (or lack of them), responsibilities like parents, children, extended family, house payments etc and though there is a part of you that wants to break free, you have lived this way too long, fought too hard to get these comforts and it feels scary to break free and start something from the ground up.

And yet, you feel compelled to.

And Lets Talk Reality Here…

Things are not really as good as they seem, are they?

You are considered a leader already and something of an expert at what you do.

In theory, you should be satisfied but…

You are tired of waking up fed up already of the day ahead…

You are tired of building things up for other people and never ever building your own stuff… ( They obviously see the strength in you, why can’t you?)

You are fed up of thinking about or dabbling at your own business and never actually making it work in a life-changing way…

And you finally see that you get ONE LIFE and you are ready to accept the person that you are and LIVE YOUR LIFE… NOW

And if you are being completely honest ( and we are), you want as much money as possible while doing it.

Yes, I know it is not just about the money. The money is a means to an end, it gives you options and yes, you feel a little uncomfortable even thinking you can make money doing what you dream of…

And more than the money, you know that you are capable of so much more than this and you WANT IT ALL…

You have BIG IDEAS of impacting a whole lot of people…

You have grand plans of making a difference on the planet but it all seems so HUGE at times and so VARIED, you worry that you are slightly deluded…

AND you worry that it is greedy to want it all…

So, let me tell you something…


If you dream it, you can achieve it.

You just have to CHOOSE it.

And all this time, you have been fighting a battle with yourself, trying to make yourself ‘humble’, trying not to be ‘selfish’, trying to pretend that you did not want it all, trying to satisfy all the people in your life.

And it is time to SHOUT ‘ENOUGH!!!’

Why not have it all?

Why not do whatever it takes to get all you want while you are still alive?

Holding yourself back, playing small… Is it actually really helping anyone?

What if you could actually do all you dream of, imagine the impact you could have then…

And then all the people in your world who try so hard to keep you down now, would stand up and admire and then they will see that you were not the crazy one after all.

But who even cares about what they think?


Just because you can.

And just because you will only be truly fulfilled & live out your true purpose on the planet when you own who you are, unleash the power within you and SHOW UP with no apology.

And your true purpose is to make a difference in the way you are most suited for.

You know what that is…

You have hidden behind all kinds of things that you are kinda good at, but you shy away from the thing that you are absolutely excellent at.

And it is your time to wake up and BE, DO, HAVE all you want to be, do and have.

It is your birthright!

Stop fighting it and start living it.

And here is where I come in…

The reason why I know you is because I am you.

I too have lived life trying to be someone others wanted me to be even though I couldn’t do it.

I too have felt a lack of self belief even though others would say that anything I touch, turns to gold.

I too built a seemingly successful life because whenever I truly commit to anything, it comes to pass…

But the problem was that I continually committed to the wrong things, the safe things, the comfortable things that did not satisfy my wild nature.

Finally, I BROKE FREE and life/business has changed for the better since.

And now, if and only if, the above resonates with you, then it is your turn to step right up.


Wealthy Set

I have created The Wealthy Set just for people like us, male, female, it really doesn’t matter – It is for people who want to have impact, get rich and start now.

Here’s What You’ll Get When
You Take Action Right Now:

It is time to pull back the curtain on what it really means to create wealth being who you are.

It is time to step into a world where anything is possible.

And that is what The Wealthy Set is about.

You are probably surrounded by normal people who think it is impossible to have it all and that has influenced your thinking – Imagine how much further you could go if you are surrounded by people just like us who want to take the world by storm.

People who have done stuff in various industries and are now ready to step up in the one way they have always thought was impossible for them. Imagine what it will be like to be surounded by those people all the time, a safe place to be yourself and fully claim your awesomeness rather than always feeling you are being too proud or arrogant when you state exactly what you want to be, do and have.

Imagine that!

Yes, you want to make money in abundance…

Yes, you want to travel the world in style…

Yes, you want to impact those less fortunate than you in a HUGE way…

Yes, you WANT IT ALL!

And you are ready to TAKE IT ALL!


Well, Welcome in then…

This is for the TRUE Leaders!

And this is what you get…

  1. As part of The Wealthy Set, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, you will be challenged, and you & your business WILL grow – you will add a minimum $10000 monthly to your bottomline over the next 12 months.

    However, if this scares you, then that’s ok, it is supposed to put off everyone but the most determined to be successful.

  2. This is a month-to-month arrangement – Yes, I do believe you need time to work your stuff out and really start to get results but if you want to leave before we work together for a year then I cannot be bothered to stop you. Although, I will tell you right now, that the first few months will feel tough and maybe, it will even feel like nothing is happening and then suddenly, you will emerge in your full glory and you will wonder why there was any drama.

    I get it, people expect 30 plus years of apathy to change in an instant but I refuse to promise you that. Sorry (but not sorry!)

  3. We will have THREE intimate small group coaching intensive calls each month.You are the agenda. If you need training, you will receive it. If you need to dig deep into what is getting in the way of you claiming your best life and business, you will get that.

    The massive idea here is to get clear and making money as soon as possible so I will do whatever is necessary to get you in the right mindspace for this and I will HOLD NOTHING BACK!

    After years of investing massive amounts in my training and my personal development, after building successful businesses and supporting others as well, after going to hell and back from birth to date, I am well placed to give you the facts and the support you need to accelerate your business and life growth.As a bonus, you will also get access to another two calls each month as well – Feel free to sit in and take part in all five calls – They are all at various times in the month to ensure there is a time available for people internationally.

  4. Daily interaction in our private Wealthy Set Facebook group –
    Imagine being surrounded by people all the time on the same wavelength all the time…

  5. Access to me for quick private chats whenever you need that private support. – As long as you are taking part in all the other parts of The Wealthy Set, then I am more than willing to give you any more intimate support you may need.

  6. Each month, you will receive a book/audio book that is definitely going to transform your thinking.

  7. Unlimited email coaching (within reason) from me to deal with anything that may come up in between sessions

  8. Discounted Access to TWO 3 Day Warrior retreats in various places around the world – You get a 60% discount on the entrance fee (you cover your own flights and accomodation)

  9. Access to all the programs I put on and you get it completely FREE as part of the Wealthy Set – At the moment, this includes Business Hero Bootcamp, Email Marketing The Warrior Way, Master Your Money, The Fearless Warrior, People Please No More, Goal Setting the Warrior Way, Get Your Message Out, Get More Customers In & Overcome Procrastination The Warrior Way and anything else I do over the next 12 months while you are a member of The Set.


80% Of Success Is In Your Head And 20% Is The Strategies

And you know this, don’t you?

Yet, you keep looking for that magic bullet that will change everything alone.


I have done that…

I am one of those that succeeds once I set my mind to it and so are you but your mind is in the wrong place at the moment and has been for a while, hasn’t it?

You have been procrastinating and delaying but not properly taking action and now it is time!

It is your time to actually make a difference & get rich using your strengths, doing things your way and it is time to own, completely own who you are, different or not – IT IS YOUR TIME!

If you were guaranteed that in a year’s time, you would be making at least another $10000 each and every month and doing it ON YOUR TERMS rather than just doing what you have always done, what would that be worth to you?

Go on, Think about it…

This is not about money created doing things you do not want to do…

This is about being you in all your glory and then making money as a result… How will that feel?

And what is that worth to you?

Because yes, there is an investment attached to this and you get to decide whether it is worth it to you to have all you claim to want. Is it?

I have invested over $4000 a month to be a member of a mastermind like this but I have no intention of charging you that much at the moment. You are an inaugural member so you deserve a reward for being a fast action – taker.

I do however want it to pinch you a little so you remain committed to this process of making money – You have to do the work and when your money is on the line, you will.

The Joy Of The Lord is My Strength! (22)So, though I could charge you a minimum of $1000 a month to work with me at the moment, I have decided to make it a lot more accessible for the first 5 members of the Wealthy Set

If you have been following me for a while now and you know you want to be part of this for the long haul, then Click Here to join in for $6000 for 12 months in the Wealthy Set.

Or pay your year’s fee in 3 payments of $2100 – Click Here

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I look forward to seeing you in group and assisting you in getting the results you want NOW.

It is time to fight for AND create the Life, The Business You Want.