I see you sitting there, crying your eyes out, wondering when your breakthrough will come…

When will the big man in the sky come and save you?

When will things start to work out for you, you scream and wail…

It feels like the world is stacked up against you

It feels like nothing you do, ever seems to make a difference

It seems like you have to work harder than everyone to get to where you want to go and even then, YOU DO NOT GET THERE!

I see you, honey!

And I call BULLSHIT!


Yep, I know…

Strong words

Not even words I would normally use except sometimes in my head when I am calling my own self out

Honey, I have to tell you that you are not yet in enough pain

Because when you are, you will transition into prosperity sooooo fast, you will wonder why you had to go through all the lean years.

And why did you?

Because you simply choose to.

You are telling yourself stories of why you cannot and why your past gets in the way, or your skin colour, or your boss, your children, your parents, partner, friends, brexit, Trump, whatever.

Stories, stories, STORIES that keep you from your own good because when it comes down to it, you are just unwilling to do what it takes to stay on course.


No one is any different from you

Maybe, their stories are a little different but ultimately, if you want to win, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE TO WIN!

You are a freaking powerful being.

You contain GOD! or whatever name you give to the Source of all

When you truly decide to win, NOTHING ON THIS PLANET can stop you



Decide to stay the course, to keep leaning into the discomfort, to keep calling your clients, customers, recruits in, to take those quantum leap moves that will get you in front of more people.

The Divine is whispering them to you but you are reacting with fear anytime it is something uncomfortable and so you stay stuck.


Find that inner victim and slaughter it, my love…

Surely, you are done with being controlled by this.


So rise the heck up

DECIDE what you want

And begin to listen for those intuitive nudges and actually act on them.

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying here and think it is just about working harder – YOU ALREADY DID THAT and you can keep doing that until the cows come home and you will be like a hamster on a wheel, running faster to stand still.


This is about listening into the those nudges within and acting on those.

They challenge you

Scare you

But if you will do those, you will prosper


Do you want to keep the sad stories?

Or Are you in?

You can start here: MAKE SALES EVERYDAY – Download it for free, use it


Much Amazing Love

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