All the wondering whether you can, whether you should, whether it is fair, whether you are being greedy, whether you are too full of yourself, whether it will affect your intimate relationships, whether God wants you to have it, whether people will think you are deluded and so on, is A WASTE OF ENERGY.

Give your energy to the creation of the desire.

All the answers to all the questions will be answered on the path.

SO GET ON THE PATH of creating your TRUE DESIGN life.

Yes, the Divine is FOR you so partner with the universe and start following those intuitive nudges that bubble up within you.

Stop getting distracted with all the ‘what ifs’.


Move forward.

Oh how easy life could be for all of us, if we would just remember that you are here on planet earth to ENJOY being here on planet earth.


Create the life you desire.

Get into the adventure of life.

Build the business.

Create the excess income.

Empower the people.

Lose the weight.

Gain the weight.

Dump the painful relationships.

Get new empowering relationships.

Eat the cake.

Buy the shoes.

Get the car.


Just freaking LIVE!

Expect to be fully supported by all kinds of means.

YOU ARE WORTHY OF THE BEST. There is no doubt about this.

Just allow yourself to be, do, have the best.


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Give up the ideas of living in a world hostile to you.
Give up the ideas of living in a world that demands you sell your soul for a few pennies.
Give up the ideas that the Divine is watching you, judging you, waiting to punish you for all mistakes.
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It is time for fortune restoration and EXPANSION.
Much Amazing Love

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