You know what you want

You think yourself out of it

You know what to say

You think yourself out of it

You know what to do next

You think your way out of it.

For every good idea that comes to you, you have 10 ‘good’ reasons why you should simply not bother

You defeat yourself before anyone or anything else can defeat you

Years have gone by

And you are still there, in the same situation that you wanted to leave YEARS AGO

Your confidence is lower

Your self-esteem is damaged

You keep doing the same old things while waiting for a miracle to finally propel you forward.

Except you have all the reasons why even the miracle will not work.


You are so immersed in your cynical, self-criticizing, self-judging, forever-questioning-everything, distrust-everything-and-everyone worldview, that you do not even see how it stops you from EVER allowing in a new more prosperous experience of life.


Notice what you do to yourself, my love.

Notice how your way of approaching life is keeping you stuck

It is not the only way to do life

It is not a profitable way to do life

You may think it keeps you safe but safe from what?!







I know it keeps you safe from hurt and pain too… maybe…

But aren’t you hurting and in pain, right now???

So… maybe it is KEEPING YOU STUCK IN hurt and pain and frustration and low-level sadness.

I guess it is predictable

And so you may perceive that as safe.

But you desire more than just ‘safe’, right?!

You desire to LIVE!

You desire to LOVE and BE LOVED unconditionally

YOu desire a MORE PROSPEROUS existence

You desire deep JOY and exhilarating HAPPINESS

You desire mental clarity and INNER PEACE

You desire a deep confident knowing of who you are, how worthy you are and what you are capable of.

So… maybe, just maybe, the way you are going about it is not helping you, my love…

Come up higher.

Come up above the noise in your own mind.


You KNOW you are meant for more.

Your overthinking and over-analysis batters your self-confidence and self-trust, leaving you stagnant and stuck

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Use the strategies to break free from self-defeat.

Muach Amazing Love

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