The Training is nothing, the will is everything

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Watching ‘The Dark Knight’ with tloml – He just loves all the superhero stuff and frankly, I do not mind it too much myself.  There is something amazing about powerful people fighting the nasties of the world.  The Batman is real.  He is a man who, as a result of personal pain, has chosen to fight and defend his hometown, Gotham City (Ok, OK home city! 🙂 )  And what does he get for his trouble?  More trouble!

I love the guy!  He inspires me and also scares me.

Winning Quote from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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In this last installment of the Batman (Dark Knight), there was this line spoken by Bain (Bane?) to goad Batman.  It seems it was actually said in the first of the trilogy by Ra’s al Ghul.  I did not notice it there and yet, it really stuck in my head while watching this third movie.

“The training is nothing, the will is everything”

When I heard it, I had to stop and take notice.  I even got my notebook out and wrote it in the dark.  I probably missed a few scenes while doing it as well.  (Note to self – Get it on DVD and watch it again! )

Why do I care?

I am a sucker for learning.  I want to know about everything.  I want to experience everything.  Well, Kind of – Not exotic food, nothing too disgusting or dangerous but generally any thing that does not fall into these categories.  I see someone do something and it seems exciting, I want to learn how to do it myself.

  • I want to learn how to fix things myself,
  • I want to heal the world of cancer and any other diseases,
  • I want to impact ladies to live fuller lives
  • I want to be a main player on the public health scene
  • I want to learn to fly,
  • I want to sing to an audience of a million,
  • I want to speak to an audience of more than a million.
  • I love writing, I want to write a book
  • I want to earn passive income from my property business, my internet business and all of the above.

These are the main things I dream about doing, I dream of experiencing.  And when the opportunity presents itself, I tend to try to learn how to do these things.  I am not averse to spending money on improving myself as I feel it is rather silly to assume you know everything if you truly want to be successful.  So far, most of my expenditure has resulted in a good return on investment.  Most, not all.  Some things, I run out of enthusiasm for and move on to something else.

However, there are innumerable opportunities to learn and unfortunately, innumerable opportunities to do nothing with the learning.  If you have done any training after formal education, you may have noticed some people learn and learn and learn but nothing appears to change in their life.  Or maybe, you attend a religious organization like church, and the preacher tells of how life can be improved each and every week, yet nothing changes for the people who listen.

Speak to these people and they can tell you the letter and verse of exactly how things should be done and yet, they do not do it and nothing changes.  Or worse yet, they blame it on the training, the preacher, the weather, anything but themselves.  And that is why I loved this quote – It is just so true.

The training is nothing, the will is everything

We can have all the knowledge on the planet but until we engage our will, nothing changes.


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