What are you waiting for?

Really, what on earth are you waiting for?

I am going to be honest, this thing you do where you tell me and yourself and anyone that will listen, that you are waiting for God to give you the go-ahead before you move, is just plain annoying!

And just in case you think I am not talking to you because you never use the ‘God’ word to say exactly the same thing, you are mistaken.  You are included in this so keep on reading.

So…, you are waiting for a voice from the clouds.

Or you are waiting for an internal feeling of readiness…

Or you are waiting for all the external factors to line up…

Or for you to have read all the books, dotted all the ‘i’s and crossed all the ‘t’s…

And then… maybe then, you will make a start.



What do you think you have all the gifts, talents, knowledge, skill, experience, story, dreams in your heart for?

What? you think it is just there for fun?

You think it is just there to taunt you?  To make you long for it and then have to deny yourself because it is wrong to want what you want, just because you want it?


Enough with this ‘dark ages’ thinking!

Nobody wants your sacrifice!  NOBODY! NOT EVEN GOD!

You are gifted for a reason.

You went through that hell and you are still standing, for a reason.

You have those great, big visions and dreams for a reason.

And the reason is not to put out your flame and wait for some indefinite moment in the future when you think the time is right.

The time is right NOW!!!!

And the world needs you to wake up!

You are part of the jigsaw puzzle and this thing you keep doing where you hold yourself back, is leaving a hole in the centre of it.  And you can call it whatever you like, but honey, I know you are just kinda afraid.

Afraid that no one will like what you have.

And sorry to have to tell you, they may not like it.

Yes, I understand that that may make you want to retreat even further but I can’t lie to you.

You will not be the best person at doing what you do when you begin, but, this is a big but, the only way you get better at it is by making a start.

You can wait until you THINK everything is ready for you to shine and you may still fall flat on your face to start with but, and this is another BIG BUT!!!

You will be exhilarated, You will KNOW you are living on purpose and You WILL BE GETTING BETTER AT IT every single moment you stay on track.

And yes, there will be times when you raise your head from your bubble of glee and start to feel a little like “what is the point of what I am doing here? No one seems to care” and you will get another choice in that moment –

Option 1 – “Should I quit and go back to mediocrity?  Maybe the time was not right, maybe God did not say go yet?”


Option 2 – “Should I keep pushing forward, refining as I go, knowing that I am living in my purpose and I am building a legacy that serves others and creates wealth?”

And the choice will not seem this clear in that moment.  Oh no, it won’t.  It will feel muddy, murky and you will ask this person and that person and you will get different answers and you may stop trusting the voice of God within you and you may stop trusting yourself and if you are like the masses, you will choose option 1.

And you will tell everyone that you tried and it did not work so of course, it was not the right thing to do and they will smile and commiserate with you (unless they are me!  who will just silently think, “no honey, you quit!” – I might even tell you that but you will probably hate me for it 🙂 .)

But if you are a warrior, a deliberate millionaire, you will choose option 2.

You will know that you have to keep going.

You will keep asking for guidance from God, from coaches, from mentors, people ON THE PATH and you will learn to quiet down the voice of fear inside and keep moving forward, trusting the wisdom that lies deeper than the fear, within you.

And you will impact the world.

You will change one life with your product, service, opportunity, knowledge, skills, story.

And then you will change another.

And then another.

Until it becomes your norm to make a difference to a lot of people while making a fortune for you and yours.

It all starts NOW!

NOW, honey, NOW!

Stop making excuses (no matter how noble they sound) and start making a difference NOW.


Much Amazing Love

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