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Yesterday, I went past a pay day loan shop. These popped up all over the place around where I live during the time of the so-called credit crunch. This particular one replaced a card shop – Clinton cards or something.

I guess it does not bode well for the area when most of the regular shops close and they are replaced by pay day loan shops and gambling casinos and fast food joints. Truly unfortunate!

However, before I descend into doom and gloom about my current locality, I do acknowledge the entrepreneurs and business people who have seen the needs of the people and decided to find a way to supply a solution.

I may not personally like the brand of solution but hey, to each their own.

Ultimately, I went past a shop front and noticed a very pleasant poster with happy, smiling faces. They all looked like they had no care in the world and the words across the posters went something along the lines of…

“We are here for you when you need us”

“Helping you take care of things”

And other such statements.

It left you with a feeling of wellbeing, of certainty and of hope that you would start to look like these happy people and happy families, the moment you took advantage of their wares.

So what if they charged you 3000% interest on anything borrowed, they were there for you, right?!

And the thought that passed my mind was the fact that if I had absolutely no ethics and morals, I could promote anything in any way that would lead people to feel that they could trust me and therefore give me all their money.

And frankly, it would be easier!

After all, we all see the wonderful adverts promising all kinds of amazing things and we are sure that the moment we put down our money is the exact moment everything will suddenly be amazing and lovely.

Somewhere deep inside, we know it is not true.

WE know we have to do the work but we buy into the exaggerated truths time and time again hoping that wealth, success, business growth will come by someone else taking the responsibility away from us.

It is a fallacy but we like to believe it.

Honey, just get to work.

You have the answer to all your issues. You just need to implement the solutions you have learnt about and you need to consistently do the next thing.

And maybe, yes, you could do with someone to bounce ideas off, to keep you clear and focused, to hold you accountable and to help you gain any skills you may be missing…

And when the time is right for that, you will know… as long as you refuse to give into fear about it. After all, you can waste all the time in the world trying to figure out something that someone could tell you in 2 seconds flat.

To end, can I just ask you not to buy into crazy, amazing sounding adverts with case studies that show how about .01% of the people who took it up actually got the benefit.

Recognize that there will be an element of work involved and embrace the work that will get you where you want to go. That work makes you a stronger, more resilient person and it is not something to be avoided.

No one can take all the responsibility for you even if they wanted to.

Believe in the fact that you are more than capable of making the hugest dream come true.

So, go on, get to work.

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