The stripping back must continue

The releasing of layer upon layer of hurt, pain, defence strategies

The healing of the broken places

It must continue

I refuse to settle for less than the best of everything

I refuse to keep buying into the lie that I have to settle

I strip back

I face into the darkness

I shine a light

I lean onto Papa

I see the vision

And I keep heading towards it

Nothing will stop me

I will certainly not be the thing to stop me

So I do the work

I heal

I stop giving excuses about why I am not where I want to be yet

I realise that I have blocked the flow by pretending that all is well when it is not

I have blocked the flow by pretending to be hard, instead of owning my sensitivity

I have made myself wrong for having a sensitive soft soul

I have tried to be tough like I thought I had to be, to get through this life but now I see that that fake exterior simply kept me at arm’s length from the life I truly desired

So now I willingly strip myself bare

It feels like an adventure

An exciting journey to the heart of me, without all the layers and the protections…

I am no longer afraid…

I see who I can be when I do this work and it excites me

I know now that I will never be alone

Papa, the angels are ever with me

And we go on this adventure together

I will not be broken by fears

I will not be shattered by the past

I rise up, more beautiful, more majestic

A child of the Divine

Created in His image and likeness

Created to shine a light, a glorious attractive light

I invite you along for your own journey to the centre of you

Beneath the layers that you placed on yourself to protect you…

The layers have made you feel out of place in your own body

Are you ready to strip back?

Do you dare claim your total freedom?

Or will you keep pretending all is well with you?

Will you keep telling yourself to be less, want less, do less?

All so that you do not have to heal

Will you give up on the life you could live – the free, fulfilled, abundant life – simply because you are afraid of the deep inner work it demands from you?

This rediscovery of your true self is an adventure

But yes, it is only for the brave

Most would rather hide from themselves and live some half-life

But we deeply desire more

And we go all out, into it.

Come immerse yourself for 90 days in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

We can be blinded to the sabotages we place in our own way

Come discover the layers so that you can deliberately design the life you truly desire…

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Much Amazing Love

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