The Strange Thing People Do When They Say They Want Success in Business

Success in business

There is something magical that happens with my kids…  Maybe, it happens to yours too or maybe… it even happens to you!

I know it does to me.

Let me explain.

Every Sunday evening at the moment, we have been receiving our Tesco grocery shopping order and for you readers, outside of the UK, they are a huge supermarket chain that does home deliveries.

I have learnt that it is so much more time efficient to have my groceries delivered rather than spend a crazy hour or two, keeping 3 young princesses stuck to my side.  I still remember with horror, one of the last times I did this…  I got to the counter and they had NO BAGS!!!!!!

Yes, I get it, what is the tragedy of NO BAGS!!!  My hubby did not understand this either.  But I walked off in a huff as this counter assistant refused to try to find an alternative for me and I had 3 kids squealing and all trying to get my attention and I could feel myself about to erupt so yes, I walked away.

Another story, another day… MAYBE!

Back to this one…

Anyway, the order arrives on a Sunday evening around about 9pm, the little ladies are in bed but all of a sudden, the Knight Household wakes up, the princesses come downstairs and together, we put the order away in double quick time and EVERYONE IS EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!

Now, a few weeks ago, the order would come in the day, round about 11am and the princesses would have to be bargained with if I wanted their help. And there would be moans and half hearted attempts at being useful.  It was not a pretty sight.

Same job, different time, different reaction…  Interesting

Let’s look at another one.  I came back on Thursday from meeting up with a friend and decided to put some washing on.  Again, the little ladies came down to say hello and good night but then stuck around to help me with the washing.  And, there was no coercing, no nothing – They just wanted to help!!

Again, if I ask them at any other time of the day, the only thing they would do willingly would be argue about who pressed the button?!  Any other washing task would be done with a whole lot of convincing and there definitely would not be the same amount of enthusiasm.

Same job, different time, different reaction… Interesting

Let’s think about building business and YOU…

A lot of the clients I work with are absolutely enamoured by their product or service, they really can talk about it for like ever!  On the phone or Skype to me, they go on and on about how they love what they are doing and how everyone needs to know about it etc etc.

But then, change the time and you suddenly have a stilted, scared-looking entrepreneur who feels like they cannot talk or tell anyone what they are up to.

They go into hiding…

They assume everyone knows what they are doing…

They have these ideas of being too pushy etc…

And so their lovely amazing product or service is completely underused and they wonder why…

Same job, different time, different reaction…

The reason why my girls suddenly become super helpful is because in their heads, they have positioned the task differently.  They now see it as fun because they are avoiding bedtime and they feel part of something where Daddy, Mummy and they are all engaged and they love that so it does not seem hard.

When it is positioned as a chore, they DON’T WANT TO DO IT!

Same with the entrepreneur, when they see that they can make a difference, when they don’t feel the pressure of asking for money, when they position it in their heads as a form of service and a fulfillment of their purpose, then it is fun.

The moment it becomes a sale, a way to make money, a business task that must be done, they lose the will to live.  AND THEY DON’T WANT TO DO IT!

So, tell me, how can you reposition what you are doing in your head so you stop with the hiding and start with the serving of as many people as you can?


Your success in business and life really does begin in your head!

And if you can get a handle on the way you are perceiving things, you may find it a whole lot easier to make the offer time and time again in as many forms as you can think of.

Because you will know that what you have is something that someone else needs or wants and will make a difference to them.  And you will also know that the more people you serve, the more wealth you create for you and yours.

Enough of the hiding, Be Bold.

Your Success in Business depends on it.


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