The Spin Class

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I stand by my banger of a green Nissan Micra car (I may have won a car recently but you would never know it!) with a tilt of determination to my chin.  Bottle of water in hand, pink jogging bottoms on, I am ready.  It has taken me a little while to convince myself to get out of bed and come but here I am – Ready to go to the Spin Class.

I weave my way through the cars in the hotel car park as I head towards the reception.  On entry, I direct myself towards the stairs on the right of the reception desk.  All the while, I am trying to think empowering thoughts about spinning.  I psych myself up to stick through this class.  OK so the truth is that I am a wimp and if I walk through the doors of the class, there is no way I will leave before the end unless I am on a stretcher.  This is one of the reasons I go to fitness classes – Once in, I have to finish it; Too many people watching me quit! so it is not gonna happen.

So I walk into the room and quickly glance round while putting on my nonchalant, ‘I am not nervous at all’ face.  Inside, I am thinking ‘ aargh, everyone seems to know what they are doing and know each other and here I am’.  My face does not seem to have worked as as soon as I find a spare bike, the instructor comes up to find out if I am familiar with spinning.

You mean, I do not look fit enough to be able to withstand the class!

I smile at the instructor while assuring him that despite the way I look (unfit and pink), I have in fact lived through a few of these classes.  He leaves me to it.  I adjust the seat and the handlebars and get on and off the bike until it feels just right for me.  I sit on the bike and pedal slowly away to warm up my muscles.  I suddenly remember that I have forgotten to bring a towel to wipe my sweaty brow mid-exercise class so I get some blue tissue paper graciously supplied by the gym.  I am certain they hope we will wipe down the whole machine after we use it but all they get out of me is a handlebar sweep.

The instructor seems to be ready to begin.  He increases the volume of the surprisingly rocky music – I am more used to the dance, heavy beat sound that matches ones heartbeat.  The lights go out, apart from the roaming ones and it is time to begin.

I listen closely to the instructions of the trainer and try to keep up with the class.  I am certain everyone else is cycling quicker than me but my aim is to get through the class without my breath cutting out so I just keep going at my pace :-).

While cycling away furiously, climbing up the hill as I increase resistance and hover over my seat, I notice that I need more resistance to feel like I am dying this time.  My heart does not feel like it is going to fall out of my chest and I have been at it for more than five minutes.  Could it be that I am getting slightly fitter?! Wahey!  And then I think about how comparable this can be to starting a new business, to starting anything new.

It can be a hard slog – Something you have to convince yourself to do, time and time again.  You know it is tough and yet you keep throwing yourself into the ring.  You psych yourself up, you find someone to hold you accountable and you discover a big reason ‘why’ to keep you at it.  You make adjustments and line things up to suit you.  You pick up any required skills to keep moving forward.  You keep going until one day you realize, it is not as hard as it was at the start.

Until the next time…

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