I love the burn in my legs as I push, push, push them

I love the simplicity of it – Just keep moving your legs

Push, pull, push, pull…

I love that I am able to connect so powerfully to the Divine whilst spinning…

It feels at times like I leave my body as it spins powerfully and I fly above the clouds with Papa and the angels

I soar and soar and soar like that boy from ET flying in his bike…

Above the clouds

Past the moon

Papa and I soaring…

It feels so freeing…

It feels like I am looking down and observing this powerful machine that houses me whilst I walk on Planet Earth rather than completely identifying with it and being bogged down in it…

I love it.

There is a sense of joy

Utter happiness and glee

After the initial “Can I do this?”

“Am I up to it today?”

“Maybe I am just too tired today”

And then it is like I break through the fog to a place of utter clarity


And it always reminds me of what life can be

The utter simplicity of a life lived above the fog of experience and memories and hurts and pain

In my mind’s eye as my legs simply move up and down, I feel the cords that tie me to this world cut and break…

For a period of time, I am free, completely free…

And it feels great

And I see in those moments that we are all called to that total freedom

It is what we came here with

But then we took on the ties

Each day, we became a little more bound up because we were not self-aware enough to see what was happening

Things got complicated

Relationships got complicated

We thought we had to stay in the mire and the fog and all the complicated things…

Instead of seeing that all we really need to do is deliberately design the vision of what we desire and keep moving, one step then the next, towards it…

Everything that gets in the way, gets shifted simply…

We refuse to let anything hold us back

We just keep our eyes on the vision and keep moving towards it…

Life can be that simple

You feel it, don’t you?

Every so often, you catch a glimpse of how simple it would be if you did not have all these ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos’ and ‘musts’

But then you tell yourself some story of having no choice but to handle it all…

You tell yourself that it is imperative that you be in the fray

You tell yourself that it is childish avoidance to try to simplify your life

And so, you get buried in the fog

Being pulled this way and that way with the cords all around you




Fed up with it all

But compulsively bound to all the drama

You can break free

No, it will not look like the life others may desire for you

And yes, to begin with, peeps might think you are crazy for thinking you can live beyond the nonsense and they may call you selfish, they may shut you out

Don’t go trying to barge your way back in, for goodness’ sake!

Stop trying to maintain relationships that were never real in the first place…

Try out this new freedom from the expectations of those that would want to punish you for not being as they want you to be…

Forget all that drama and keep your eyes on what you desire

Believe you can have it

Trust your motivation

And simply keep stepping towards it

Be thankful for things that drop off

Emotionally disentangle yourself by doing healing work and cleaning work

Simply keep stepping

One step then the next

Freedom is this way

One step then the next

true lasting prosperity is this way

One step then the next

Love without all the false attachments – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & true relationships – is this way…

One step then the next

Fulfilment, as you step into your purpose, is this way

One step then the next

Allow yourself to be free

Let life be simple.

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Much Amazing Love

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