You are being too indulgent with yourself

You are leader

Called to make a difference on this planet

You are messenger of light

the message you carry within you, will positively impact many lives

And yet, you dither, you procrastinate, you dilly-dally and you indulge the nonsense while wondering why you are still so far away from your impact and 6-figure income goals.

You are in the habit of second-guessing.

It is just a habit.  It can be changed if you are willing to install a new habit of CERTAINTY.

You think that you can only be certain when everything in the physical reality lines up and looks perfect but the only way for your physical reality to do anything different is by you creating that different scenario within you.  YOU ARE THE ONE WITH DOMINION!

And you can use that dominion to hold yourself hostage to a business that refuses to grow or you can use it a lot more constructively by telling it how it MUST grow and then fully expecting that it will obey your commands because you are the authority in your own life.

YOU are creating your own reality.

If you keep indulging the habit of secondguessing yourself, you will keep messing around with your business, creating new offers every other week, changing everything about what you are doing every other day and never quite allowing your business to grow because you keep breaking it while telling yourself that you are making it better, telling yourself you just need to be more sure, telling yourself that it is obviously not working and so you are justified in changing your mind about everything all the time because you just have to figure it out.

It seems so reasonable.

You are just reacting to the results the physical reality is giving you, right?!

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

But you forget that this is a faith walk.

It is not a ‘BY SIGHT’ walk.

You have to DECIDE how you want your business to look, then put the strategy in place and allow it to run its course totally, with a firm decision that you have Done enough, that you are enough.

You do not see that you are continually acting on your inner sense of unworthiness when you secondguess and course-correct or stop altogether every other second.

You do need to work with a mentor because you cannot see what you are doing to yourself and the growth of your business.  You really truly think you are doing everything but ‘nothing is working for you’ but it is not true.

Yes, I agree you are very busy but with the wrong work.

You are busy trying to prove something, trying to earn the right to do what you feel called to do and so because you are indulging uncertainty, it shows up in your business and life as permanently secondguessing yourself, permanently changing things in reaction to what you perceive to be failure when really life works like this…

  1. You plant a seed
  2. You give it time to grow
  3. You reap the harvest

You, however, keep planting the seed and pulling it out to replant somewhere else because it did not grow in 3 seconds.  You make it mean you are not good enough or that your work is not good enough or some other such nonsense when you simply did not allow the seed to do what seeds do – GROW!

When will you stop the self-punishment?

When will you allow yourself to truly prosper?

If you are truly determined to hit 6 figures by this time next year with your coaching, healing or course-creator business, go get a free copy of the 6-FIGURE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR book at, use the strategy in there and do not be swayed from it.

Much Amazing Love

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