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OK… Enough already… Just enough!

You say you want something and instead of just doing the work to get it, you put all kinds of nonsense in front of you. You tell yourself that you cannot do this or that because this deity or the other one says ‘NO’ or you tell yourself that your family is not going to let you or you tell yourself that it is just not possible for you because of all these responsibilities and so on and so on it goes and all the time, guess what?!

You are getting older but definitely no wiser.

You keep getting more of the same.

You keep getting less and less enamoured with life.

You keep watching other people getting what they want.

You keep sending out your judgments and feeling ‘holier than thou’ about your choices but deep inside, surely you know…


You are not getting what you want. Simple! and that is the bald truth.

You are not getting what you want and you are telling yourself all kinds of nonsense about why this is.

And that is just CRAZY!

Why are you living as though you have no choice? Why have you decided to keep getting in your own way and blaming the world for YOUR OWN CHOICES?

I don’t understand… or do I?

Because the fact that I can see it in you must mean that there is something reflecting in me and if there is a level of un-clarity in me then I want to dig it up.

I take responsibility that way. Oh yes I do. Life is too short to live on the victim train.

Whatever I see in you, I want to get cleared right away in me.

Because I want to make a huge difference and I intend to get mega rich while making it happen and I cannot allow anything to get in the way of either of those things.

ONE life and I intend to live it to the full.

I just turned 36 and I know there is so much more that I could have done by now if I had just understood that the only thing in my way was ME.

I kept looking for the solution externally.

I kept trying to blame my past, my family, my church, my GOD for the results I was getting and it has never been any of those things.

It has always and ONLY ever been me.

I have been in my own way.

I have said I wanted all kinds of things and then I have not gone on to do the work to get them. I have allowed all kinds of weak beliefs to get in the way but no more, honey… NO MORE.

I am done with that.

I am on a mission to get as wealthy as I want to.

I am on a mission to live my life the way I want to.

I am on a mission to serve as many people as I can.

And I don’t even care if I am only speaking to me at the moment. I have to, I HAVE TO SPEAK because even if I am the only one listening then it still needs to be said.

The Divine has not once, not EVER, told me what I can and cannot have.

I have always been the one telling Him what I think HE will allow me to have as a result of my faulty thinking about Him and my need to please the small minded people who told me how I should think about Him.

I ALWAYS had a choice to build a real relationship with Papa and I kept shying away because I was scared He would want too much of me.

He never did – It was all in my head! And I repent!

My family may have tried to limit me in terms of the profession I chose but really, all they wanted was for me to do well and they went about making that happen the best way they could.

I ALWAYS had a choice about whether I went along with their ideas and I weakly chose to go along with it and then blame them for it.

I repent!

I thought I had to present a certain image to the world in order to be accepted by all these nameless, faceless people I thought were paying attention to me and so I chose to make myself small, I chose to let what I thought THEY thought get in the way of my life.

I ALWAYS had a choice to be whoever I wanted to be. I always had a choice to do life the way I wanted to do it. I ALWAYS had a choice and I accept that now.

I repent of trying to please people.

I now realize that it is possible to be, do, have whatever I want to be, do or have. I can be rich and happy – It was never an either-or situation, I made it so by believing the mental chatter that lived in my head and again…

I repent!

I repent!

I am done with that. I am DONE!

Listen…, if you are still with me then it is time for you to be done as well.

It is time for you to be finished with any thinking that gets in the way of you being all you want to be.

And this is how you know if your thinking is getting in the way. Look at your life now and ask yourself if you have all you want yet.

Yes? Or No?

If it is a ‘yes’ then congratulations.

If it is a ‘no’ then here is the next question…

What are you believing that is getting in the way of what you say you want?

Maybe, you are telling yourself that if you go all out to get what you want, then you will lose the relationship with your kids?

Then I ask you… IS that true? Does it actually have to be that way for YOU?

Yes? Or No?

Is it possible that you are believing something that is getting in the way of you just getting on and doing the work that needs to be done to move forward? Yes, I know you have watched all the movies and heard all the stories of the workaholics who get the money but lose everything (Have you noticed there is never a story about the guy who gets the money and also gets the relationships, the health, the spirituality, the everything?! ).

I mean, how deep does social conditioning go? And how long will you believe it before you realize you can forge your own path?

What are your sacred cows?

What beliefs have you carried for so long that you do not even question them anymore? You just assume it is the truth and you live your life according to them. And so you make the lie, a truth in your life and you are mostly not even aware that this is happening.

Is it time to WAKE UP?!

Keep it this simple.

If you want it, you can have it.

That is it.

Anything that gets in the way of that is a lie – Discard it.

Are you ready?

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards


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