‘The Rich’ getting richer…

It has been an eventful week and now the time has come to start another week.  I am trying out a new property strategy to add to my property repertoire at present and so far it seems to be working well but as with anything, there is a steep learning curve as I get used to doing different things and dealing with different people.  Overall, life is good and I am loving most of it, most of the time. Whoodiwhoop!

How has your week been?  Hopefully, you are having a great time, breaking through barriers and discovering new heights.  There is no limit to anyone who will boldly go forward.

So Do the rich get richer and the poor, poorer?

Today on my way home from my once a week pharmacist job, I was listening to a book written by a guy called Napoleon Hill.  Most people have read the timeless classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ but that is not the one I am working my way through. This audiobook is about 35 hours long and is just called
‘The Teachings of Napoleon Hill’.  Now, I cannot even begin to go into everything it goes into, although some of it is pretty simple common sense.  However, one thing really piqued my interest today.

We all know the saying ‘The rich get richer, the poor get poorer’.  The lines between the rich and the poor seemingly get wider etc etc.  For the first time ever, I heard this guy from a few decades ago tell me that actually everyone is getting richer and richer.  I suddenly realised that this is true.  I had always accepted the truth that the poor got poorer and the rich got richer but actually think about it.  Who do we consider poor nowadays?  Then think of who we would have considered poor 50 years ago.  Are the ‘poor’ now not better than the ‘poor’ then?  At least in this country or the US or any developed country.

Even in some cases, people in other countries are better off than they used to be – Not in all countries, no doubt but definitely in a lot of places.

OK, so where am I going with this?

A lot of times, when we think of sayings like this, some people feel they are a victim of their circumstances.  They lash out at the banks, lash out at rich people everywhere because the only way people get rich is by exploiting the poor, or so they say.  Some people blame the foreigners for taking all the jobs, some others blame something, nothing or everything :-).

Now that is just victim mentality and what does it get us?  Nothing!  What does it get those people who are actually getting poorer? Nothing!

Maybe, you have considered yourself to be one of the ‘poor getting poorer’ ones, can I assure you that you really are not!  You are on the internet, you are reading this right now, you could not have done that a few years ago if you were ‘poor’. You have clothes on your back, you probably have had a little dinner, if not a lot.  You have water that you did not carry on your head like I used to do back in Africa (I was never really good at it!).  You are getting richer!

Now, if you could actually think that, really truly think that and then imagine if we ALL thought that and not in a ‘gonna keep it all to myself’ kind of way – What a difference we could make to those who may actually be remaining stagnant or getting poorer through no choice of their own.

Just think about it…

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