Life can be uncomfortable.

Life can feel really tough.

And you make it soooo much worse when you try to pretend that all SHOULD BE well and that you can just positive-think & pretend your way out of it.

The curse of the ‘personal growth champion’ is this desire to pretend that the darkness you feel inside, does not exist.

It does and you would do better in life if you would simply handle it.

No, I am not suggesting you spend all your time navel-gazing but SOME TIME is required, my love.

All this trying to gloss over hurtful situations and events, is really crazy-making stuff.

Don’t you understand that these dark feelings are causing obstacles in your ability to manifest the desires of your heart, whether you acknowledge them or not?!

Don’t you understand that you are creating your life from a very flawed foundation when you keep allowing all these underlying untruths to keep sticking around?

And don’t you think it is going to find its way out SOMEHOW in a way that you will probably not like?! Your willpower is only SO strong, love.

The BIGGEST problem for you is that you have been immersed in these ideas and this constant feeling of pain for SOOOO LONG now that you think that this is just normal.


There is a happier, more fulfilling way to live that you can break through to, IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO THE REAL WORK.

You are here on planet earth to ENJOY being here on planet earth – YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR LIFE without the fakeness.

You can have empowering relationships with people who love you unconditionally

You can have a healthy body that feels energetic, radiant and amazing

You can spend your days doing work that feels a lot like play

You can also have a healthy, ever-increasing bank balance

IF you will say no to the ‘settle-for any old-nonsense’ life and instead, choose to face whatever needs to be faced, cleared and moved on from.

Stop pretending you are ok, when you are not.

Stop pretending to be happy with settling when you are not

DECIDE what you do want and be willing to pay the price for it.

It is all achievable, if you are willing to become a clear channel for it.

Honey, it is the final day – Is Finding or Activating the love of your life a priority for you?

Are you DETERMINED to call in ‘the one’?


Are you DETERMINED to turn your current relationship around?

Well, it all begins with you coming to work with me in YOUR IDEAL LIFE PARTNER.

Come learn how to manifest, keep and ENJOY the love of your life without having to be someone other than you.

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Much Amazing Love


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