I am on a simplicity drive at the moment…

‘Make life simple!’ is my motto

And why?

Because we all get our knickers in a twist a lot of the time and it makes everything harder than it needs to be.

So, let’s look at business…

Yes, there can seem to be a million moving parts to it

And if you go online there are millions of marketers telling you that THIS is the thing that will change your life and the other person is telling you that THAT is the thing that will change your life and business.

And it can get confusing as you try this and then you dabble at that

And then you try some other thing

And then you get frustrated.

And you start to wonder if you are cut out for business because nothing you seem to try, works.

But really, all you need is this one thing and if you have this one thing, you will absolutely grow that business.

And what is it?




To me, they are all kind of the same thing.

Business is simply about you getting your stuff in front of an increasing number of people until you find the people who will buy from you.

You can make it more complicated than that with all the bells and whistles, if you want but it still just comes down to that

So really all you need is to stop getting all kinds of emotional and keep moving forward.

Keep taking the next step

Refuse to be distracted

Stop listening to people telling you to try this and that


Getting your stuff in front of more and more people

Yes, this simple action will have various moving parts but if you could just keep coming back to this one thing

KEEP TAKING DAILY ACTION To grow your audience and get your stuff in front of them then you will absolutely win.

And please, please, PLEASE stop dabbling at this technique and then the next because you are not giving anything long enough to work.

FOCUS ON doing the things you like to do repeatedly until one day, you look up and your business is generating a lot of money.

It will happen.


And if you are determined to attract buyers in every single day, here is a 5 step blueprint for you – MAKE SALES EVERYDAY at RosemaryNonnyknight.com/makesaleseveryday.  Download it for free.

Much Amazing Love

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