Can I be honest with you?

Most days, I feel like I am making my way through a fog

I do not always feel clear on exactly what to do, to reach my vision

I have set a certain standard for myself regarding the work I will do each day and so I do it

But that does not mean I always feel completely clear about it all


I am here to reach over 334000 spirit-driven souls and show them how to live life deliberately

I support them in knowing their true design

I support them in reaching financial independence, while living to that true design

Sometimes, that looks like growing a business to $5K or more online as it is a straightforward way for peeps to get going, wherever they are on the planet.

Sometimes, it is working directly with people to clarify their life’s purpose and support them in remembering their divine ability to create the ‘prosperous in all areas’ life.

I also choose to be the best wife to my hubby and the best mum to my children

That is it.

My vision – The only thing I am completely clear on.

How this plays out daily is open to divine guidance, which I access regularly all through the day.

And yet I prosper.

Unfortunately, I see you waiting for complete clarity as time continues to tick on by

You look at this strategy and that strategy…

You plan this and plan that…

You ask this question and that question…

but you never really get truly stuck into ANYTHING

You dabble a lot

And appear to be doing things but you know you are just biding time waiting for complete clarity before you really give it all your energy

You stay stagnant in a life that does not feel amazing but it is safe and certain (or so you think, until some boss or government does something weird and all that you consider safe and certain is taken away from you!)

And you wait, and dabble, and talk, and question, AND WAIT!

There is always a great-sounding reason why you talk a good game about what you want but never fully commit to bringing it to life


It just will not work.

You have to go all in, regardless of how certain or not, you feel

You know the desires of your heart

Get clear on those and ask for guidance then ACT ON IT!


That is the only way to prosper.

That is the only way to ensure that your dreams become reality in this lifetime

There is no absolute certainty on this deliberate life path

There is just CERTAINTY that you will do what it takes to reach your vision, until it takes

Are you certain of that?

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