I have worked with a few network marketing professionals and one of the things they always seem to think is that their business is different from others in some way.  And I get it, like any other business, it is a little different but maybe not as different as you think.

The problem is that because you think you are so different, you do not do some of the basic things that every business owner needs to do.  And the very basic thing that all business owners realise is that you must have a target person and you must figure out where that person is likely to be.

Most network marketing professionals assume that everyone is their target market.

And maybe, it is true but again, do you have the time or the inclination OR the money to reach EVERYONE?

No, I don’t think so.

So, let’s get wise about this and target the most likely and frankly, the most convenient people to reach.

The chances are, you are fitting the business around your already busy life so crossing the country to meet new recruits is just plain difficult.  Possible but difficult so why not get specific?

If everyone is a target then just get the ones who are easier to reach.

Start by taking some time to really think through the kind of people you actually want to work with.

Who do you want on your team?

Someone looking for a job?  Because a lot of network marketing professionals do their advertising by getting people to come to them about a job and then the prospects discover that this was all an alaborate scheme to get people to sign up for their busines and they feel irrtiated and out of that comes the ‘MLM is a scam!’ brigade.

Be ethical in your advertising, please.

OK, so again, who do you really want on your team?

Someone in work?

They may want to leave their job but at least if they are at work right now, you know they have some ability to stick with things when they get tough.  And also, there is nothing like desperation to chase away a prospect so if someone joins your team hoping to make money tomorrow, how much pressure do you think they will put on you to make them rich in two seconds flat?  DO you have a magic system?  No, I did not think so.

So, do not recruit desperation.  They may be the easy one to convince but ‘there may be trouble ahead’ (sing the song with me)

Someone local to you –

Unless you live in a village with only 10 people including the town pet, then the chances are that your hottest prospects are somewhere close to you.   Though, I must qualify this by saying that technology has brough everyone closer to you.  Most people do not have the patience for online marketing though, they seem to think that running around trying to get prospects offline feels a little more like they are doing something so when I try to support them in getting a steady stream of prospects online, they inevitably go doing it the normal, boring old way that works finally as well.

(It is okay, my feelings are not hurt at all!)

The thing is, there is no quicker or faster way, there is just the way you choose.  When I say, someone local to you, then online, that can be a way huger market to tap into.  Think about it.  But ultimately do what you know you will do.

Someone with ambition

No point trying to get someone who just takes life as it comes onto your team.  They will quit.  A new recruit needs to want to move forward, to get accolades, to make more money, to change lives and have some confidence in their ability to do it.

Someone who does not mind building relationships and selling

If you have a whole group of team members who are petrified about talking to other people about the product, then it will make it tough to get them to move forward.  They need to have a big reason why or else they will not actually do the work at all so do consider this.

Now, think about it.  Are there other criteria that woudl suit you better?  It is okay to just target men or maybe just women, maybe you only want a certain age range.  Whatever your personal criteria is, stick to it and then ask yourself the next question…

Where are these people likely to be in great number?

Once you figure this out (and it may take a little trial and error), go and be there among them.  Maybe it is a night class somewhere, or a meet up group or maybe it is a Facebook group.  Be there, be seen, recruit.


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