It is so sad to watch…

It is so sad to hear…

And yet, so many spiritual people buy into this fallacy…

This crazy, mass-mind programmed idea that they can give themselves away for free or for almost nothing, in order to help people.

This ludicrous mass-mind conditioned idea that they do not need to know how to create money in order to make the difference they want to make on the planet

They use examples like Mother Teresa (who flew first class and had a heckuva lot of money available to her to play with BECAUSE she learnt how to make money to use on the things that were important to her) or Jesus (who had a treasurer – why would he need one if he was SOOOO broke???)

Some even use Jim Carrey quotes(!!!) to excuse their passivity (This is a man who came from a struggling background and learnt how to create millions.  He is now being re-quoted everywhere – the only reason anyone cares about his quotes is because he found a way to create lots of  money)

These spiritual people are not willing to do what these ‘paragons of virtue’ did but they continue to feed themselves the lie that they do not need to know how to create money and open up to abundance

Instead, they give and give and give and keep trying to be the nicest person on the block

And simply end up unfulfilled in early graves (usually by terminal illness when the body just could not do it anymore)

Or completely burnt out, bitter & sooooooo resentful

Though they hide the resentment in nice-sounding words and a pious look on their face as they make excuses for their inability to create the difference they, deep down, KNOW they are here to make.

Some decide the world is against them and hope to wake up to a better ‘next life’ and so give up on this life with a sappy smile on their face as they talk of letting go and mindfulness.

Others angrily take to social media to share how unfair the world is and how EVIL ‘richer than them’ people are for not sharing the wealth (as if they would even know what to do with it when they got it!!!)

Oh that you would WAKE THE HECK UP!

If you truly want to make a difference…

If you truly want to fulfil your life’s purpose…

If you truly want to reach & help the people you feel called to serve…


(And stop buying into fantasies)

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Much Amazing Love

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